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Which LV (Louis Vuitton) print is for me? (Monogram, Azur, Ebene or Multicolor)

Updated on June 27, 2012

The fashion house of Louis Vuitton is mostly recognized for their unique prints. In fact, the monogram print has become a classic in the world of high fashion. Aside from the monogram, Louis Vuitton offers several other prints that are somewhat less recognizable but equally beautiful. With so many prints (Monogram, Azur, Ebene and Multicolor) available, which one should a person choose is the question that we will answer here. This hub is all about the different prints of Louis Vuitton.

Monogram, undeniably Louis Vuitton. The Louis Vuitton Monogram is one of the most recognized patterns in fashion. Even those that care little about fashion know and recognize the signature monogram print. If you want people to know what you are carrying, the Monogram will for sure let them know and you will make a flashy entrance in lots of places. The Monogram print is appropriate for women of all ages. Since this print is so popular with women all over the world, Louis Vuitton offers the widest range of products with the monogram print and nude leather trim. If you love this print, you will for sure find something that you like.

Azur, eternally summer. The Damier Azur with blue and white checker pattern is so refreshing, youthful and eternally summer. The pattern goes with lots of light colored outfits. Those that love handbags know about the Azur print and will recognize that your handbag is from Louis Vuitton. People that are not familiar with designer handbags will not recognize the Azur pattern. So, it is not as recognizable as the Monogram. The Azur is actually somewhat high maintenance because it is so light. Dark jeans might leave its dye on the handbag and its light colored handle will darken with time. Before deciding to get this print, you should research to see what older Azur bags look like. The Azur is somewhat of a youthful print that older women (>40) should avoid.

Ebene, durable print that fits all seasons and settings. The Ebene print along with its dark handles are great for all purposes. A handbag with this print will match with lots of clothes in your wardrobe. This pattern and leather trim will look great for many years due to its dark colors. It is like the Azur in which all handbag lovers will recognize it right away. Those that are not familiar with brands and Louis Vuitton will not know what you are carrying. The Ebene print is great for women of all ages. In my opinion, this is the most versatile out of the four patterns.

Multicolor, fun multicolor monogram that is distinctively feminine. This print was born because of a collaboration between Marc Jacobs and Takashi Murakami. Ever since its release, it's one of the most popular prints that many Louis Vuitton fans adore. The multicolor is the most expensive print out of the four mentioned here. For example, the Louis Vuitton speedy 30 comes in the Monogram, Azur, Ebene and Multicolor print. The Multicolor is the most expensive out of the four but with different details on the handbag than the other 3. A handbag with the fun multicolor pattern is definitely very feminine and beautiful. The Multicolor flatters younger women and gives them a fun flirty look.


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