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La Vita E Bella

Updated on January 15, 2011

First Post!

Hi everybody. Well, nobody actually. I don't have any followers yet but if you're reading this.. HI :) I don't really know where this blog is going and to be honest i don't know why i even created it. Actually, yes i do. I happen to be on page 44 of a book 350 pages long and i have a test on it.... tomorrow. So i guess this is just.. well, an excuse to procrastinate.. more than i already have.
Anyways, in the 5 minutes that ive had a blog.. ive started to really love it. Haha but really, im excited for this blog and i already have a few ideas. As i sit here with my bowl of fruit loops, it hit me how much i love color.

I love colors and being able to create with them and mixing and matching them. Not in the sense of painting with a paint brush on a canvas kinda way but painting with a brush on face. Kinda the same right? No? ok.
I think i might stick to makeup and fashion for the first few weeks atleast (because well, i can go on about that for months without running out of things to say). And also, its something ive always been really passionate about. Since the moment i was born. just kidding.
After I get more comfortable with.. blogging? is that the term? I think ill branch out, and talk about whatevers on my mind. Life, boys, friends, boys, school, advice, boys, etc. Not that im an expert on any of these topics, but.. i do have a few things to say.
Hope you enjoyed this random post. Lets see where this blog goes...
But for now, i read. (if youre wondering what book.. probs not. but ill tell you anyways. its Beloved by Tony Morrison, and lets just say.. i dont get it)
till next time..




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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 6 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      La Vita...nice read here. You are an amazing writer. And I am so glad that I am a fan and follower. You should concentrate on screenplays with your mastery of dialogue and colors. Kenneth Avery, a fan and follower.