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Lace Everywhere! Guide To Lace Outerwear

Updated on November 7, 2010

It is the season for lace! Lace has firmly established itself as perfectly viable outerwear, which means you no longer have to hide your love for lace underneath staid and boring outer-clothes. Share your love for lace with the world and be inspired with these assorted items of lace clothing, hand picked to demonstrate that lace can be just as versatile as any other style of fabric.

L'AGENCE Lace Tiered Skirt

This pretty medium length lace skirt features not one, but two layers of lace over top of a black silk underlay. A better use for lace is hard to imagine, quite frankly. At 17'', this skirt certainly won't cover your legs too greatly, rather it adorns them and presents them in a lovely lacy light. Perfect.

Ralph Lauren Alodie Lace Skirt

If the L'Agence skirt was too short for your liking and made you feel rather nervous just looking at it, this pretty lace skirt from Ralph Lauren should go a long way towards allaying your fears with a more mature design that won't raise eyebrows next time you present your TPS reports to corporate. Mixing a little whimsy into your day never was a bad thing, was it?

Carmen Marc Valvo Lace Pencil Skirt

And again with the lace skirts! Here we see the Carmen Marc Valvo lace pencil skirt, which is absolutely adorable and doesn't at all look as if you're wearing curtains. Or if it does, it looks as if you're wearing curtains stolen right from under the nose of Louis the Sun King.

This fitted knee length piece is perfect for wearing to semi-formal occasions, around the office, or to a sunny soiree in the enchanted gardens.

The Limited Slouchy Lace Tee

Who said lace had to be stiff and formal or strictly alluring? This slouchy lace tee allows you to wear lace casually about the house, perhaps whilst making home made pizza, or swapping stories about the Alamo.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Bronte Lace Top

Marc Jacobs invoked the name of the Bronte's in this lace top and though I'm not certain any of the Bronte sisters would have been caught dead in such a creation, (their modesty forbidding them to wear tops this plainly revealing) there's no reason why you should have to cling to such outdated and outmoded norms. Or you could just wear an undershirt and render the entire discussion moot.

Givenchy Lace Blouse

This Givenchy lace blouse isn't only rather unique in color, it is also rather unique in price. This lovely chiffon lace number will set you back $2,800 if you want to own it, but it is free to behold, which is fortunate for us all. Made out of the finest silk, this is the sort of silk top you'd wear to a very important meeting indeed, with a king or a queen or perhaps a deity.


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