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Lace Handkerchiefs For Men

Updated on December 9, 2009

Working lace back into male attire is something of a battle of stealth. Why do I say this? Mostly because I like calling things 'stealthy', but also because I believe that the slow integration of lace into male outfits and attire may one day lead to the reclamation of lace by the male gender. Men used to be able to wear as much lace as they wanted without being thought effeminate, but nowadays it can be difficult for a man to enjoy the delightful intricacy of high quality lace without drawing negative attention. Do not give up hope however lace loving chaps, this battle can be won.

I've previously suggested the wearing of a lace cravat, and now I bring to your attention the possibly more practical notion of a lace trimmed handkerchief. Not only is it good form for a gentleman to carry a handkerchief with him at all times, a little lace around the edge of the handkerchief makes a fashionably elegant statement.

Indeed, carrying a handkerchief is more than mere affectation in these days of bird flu and swine flu. These days, carrying a handkerchief or two can slow down the spread of disease quite considerably, both by preventing the spread of your diseases to other people, but also in preventing contact with unsanitary surfaces. When leaving a public restroom, one runs the risk of contracting any number of diseases from the door handle. If one has a handkerchief on hand, one can use it to open the door, then safely pocket the germs for later use.

Carrying a lace handkerchief also allows a man who loves lace to display, or not display his lace as he chooses. If one is feeling the desire to show off one's sartorial elegance, one can allow a corner to peek out of one's pocket. If one is desirous of being less obvious in one's laciness, a handkerchief can quickly and easily be secreted away from the prying eyes of strangers.

Lace trimmed handkerchiefs can also be perfumed, either with your favorite scent, masculine or feminine. In this fashion, they become a delight for three of the senses, sight, touch and smell. Even the man who is reluctant to wear lace under his clothes but secretly yearns to can enjoy the thrill of a little lace in his daily life.

Every man who loves lace and lingerie should try carrying a lace trimmed handkerchief. From the mundane to the sublime, they are the perfect accessory for any man and a statement of fashion equality in their own right.


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