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Lace Leggings, Ke$ha and Armageddon

Updated on October 13, 2010

I came across this particular picture of lace leggings whilst reading the online edition of Seventeen magazine, an excellent magazine to purchase for teenage girls if you're looking for ways to make your children feel fat and inadequate.

According to Seventeen Magazine: Ke$ha hates wearing pants, but we say Who needs pants? when you can wear lace leggings instead! Paired with a vintage music tee, motorcycle jacket, and glitter-teared eye, Ke$ha looks crazy and totally cool!

Yes, because there's nothing like teenagers running around in see through leggings is there? I can only assume at this point that Seventeen have lost their ever loving minds. Lace leggings would be one thing if there was some mention of shorts or even those scraps of material that have been passing for skirts since the 60's, but advising real teenagers to dress like damaged pop stars seems wildly irresponsible to this observer of fashion.

On the upside, I do thoroughly approve of Seventeen magazine pushing wild glitter make up. It's so Bowie, and everything connected with David Bowie is excellent by association. In fact, I think the aim of Seventeen magazine should be to stop pushing impressionable girls to dress like ladies of the night and instead to push impressionable girls to dress like David Bowie did in Labyrinth. If you're going to mess with the minds of the youth for profit, at least do it in a way that is excellent, not in a way that ages them before their time.

That's what's wrong with our current generation you know, their role models are people barely six months older them them who lack the basic ability to put clothes on without making themselves look like a reason for the apocalypse. Lady Gaga is one thing with her raunchy clothes and lyrics, but the fact that Ke$ha is actually considered an artist and a dire warning is a matter of concern perhaps even greater than global warming.

Returning to the topic of lace leggings however, if you happen to be over the age of 21 and in possession of garments that cover the lower half of your body, then you should definitely wear lace leggings however. Lace leggings when worn with actual clothing are not trashy so much as a stylish, and are a viable alternative to plain stockings and tights which can be stuffy, restrictive and not very feminine.

Let us older folk regain the concepts of class and style and hope that the young folk can see past half dressed slatterns to a future filled with class and charm.


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