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Lacquerous - A Luxury Nail Polish Rental Service

Updated on April 10, 2013

A New Monthly Subscription Service

Lacquerous is a monthly subscription service for high-end nail polishes such as NARS, Chanel, Dior, MAC, Tom Ford, Dolce and Gabbana as well as Butter London. Although I don't consider Butter London high-end...But hey, they are on the list.

Basically, how this service works. It's just like any of the other thousands of monthly subscription services out there. This one is $18 per month and you get the opportunity to choose three luxurious nail polishes to try out per month.

As you know, most of these high-end nail polishes can retail from $15 to $20 bucks. So for $18, you get to try three which is less than the cost of one.

But there is a catch, right?

There's a Catch, Right?

Well...not so much a "catch" per se. It's just the clever twist to the subscription service that Lacquerous has put in place.

This is a rental subscription service!

So you have to be prepared to share your nail polishes with thousands and thousands of people that you may or may not know.

Now what does this mean? You're going to receive three luxurious nail polishes per month but when you receive them, it may or may not be brand new. It may be half of a bottle. It may be near the end. And you have to be okay with that.

So if you're germophobic or you just hate the idea of sharing your stuff with others, then this definitely is not for you.

Nail Polish Fanatics Weigh In

Sharing makeup and nail polishes may be difficult for some. Those people will instantly write Lacquerous off as an insane and unsanitary concept.

But, on the other hand, if you are a nail polish fanatic like myself. Then this may seem promising right?

It's a nail polish fanatics dream to have the chance to try three nail polishes per month (of high-end brands). And what is that? 36 [nail polishes] per year!

You can't beat that, right?

Is It Worth It, Really?

I am an admitted nail polish fanatic. But I don't think the Lacquerous Monthly Nail Polish Club service is for me.


I have never purchased a high-end nail polish.

I've always stuck to drugstore brands. And, a lot of times, the brands you find at Sephora and Ulta. You know...The China Glaze, Essie and OPIs. They've never let me down. So there was never a desire for me to try anything high-end.

Not saying that I wouldn't. I just hadn't.

And for $18, I can get...Oh my goodness! I can go bananas at the drugstore buying nail polish with that amount of money.

What's Your Take?

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About Me

Hi I'm Nicole from GirlRatesWorld. I'm a beauty and fashion enthusiast armed with a laptop and a million opinions. Blogging about beauty and fashion is my passion and I hope to make someone's life just a little bit easier with each post I write.

I realize the number of subscription services available can be a bit alarming. And, choosing one can be a task especially with so many options. Understanding the benefits of the service before committing to one is the best approach.

Do it provide convenience? Will you save money? Will it make your life easier or happier?

If you can say yes to any of these, then I say it's worth investing in.

Feel free to comment or contact me if you have questions, comments or feedback.

Please follow me on Twitter @GirlRatesWorld.


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