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Ladies Checked Shirts | Look Like A Woman

Updated on August 11, 2010

Checked shirts used to only be worn by male lumberjacks and farmhands, but at some point in recent history, women's fashion got a hold of the concept and ever since then checked shirts have become a respected part of the casual woman's wardrobe.

Fellows beware, when women co-opt a garment, it invariably becomes removed from the male wardrobe. It happened with tights, it happened with high heel shoes, and it could happen with checked shirts. Though this process at first seems merely odd, I have become convinced that it is actually part of a larger plan to gradually erode male wardrobes until men are left scurrying about the place wearing boxers and befuddled expressions on their faces. For the moment, men are still permitted to wear jeans, but it's really only a matter of time before that becomes a sign of such blatant effeminacy that most fellows are ashamed to be seen out in them.

But back to the checked shirts for women, our checked shirts, the ones we've always worn. Those ones. Yes. As I was saying originally, checked shirts are an excellent part of a casual wardrobe, though if worn with a short collar and tucked into a belt, will still make the wearer appear somewhat masculine if the effect is not offset with other indicators of femininity. Such indicators can include, but are not limited to: having long hair, wearing pounds of make up, hoopy earrings, giggling a lot, giving birth to a baby.

If having to give birth every time someone questions your femininity seems like too much hassle, you can also wear the shirt untucked in a loose and over sized fashion that is adorably reminiscent of a woman running about in her husband's shirt. For bonus points, wear leggings and cute shoes underneath, and use your lower body to offset any slob vibes that the upper half might be giving off.

Celebrities including Lindsay Lohan (my personal idol of questionable decision making) have often been seen wearing the over sized checked shirt and leggings look, and if Lindsay is anything, it is stylish. The Olsen twins also wear similar outfits, but in their case they prefer to embrace the lumberjack vibe by wearing something dead and furry about their shoulders. Why? Because the Olsen twins know something you don't. Namely that squirrels and bears alike run from a woman who is not afraid to wear ridiculous high heels in combination with an animal carcass.


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