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Ladies Two Tone Watches: For the Love of Silver and Gold

Updated on November 24, 2010

Oh dear. I remember a time and it wasn't too long ago when a girl was forced to choose between silver and gold for all her fashion and jewelry needs. For a while, if she wanted to be seen as "modern", she had better chosen silver, too, as gold was perceived as gaudy in many, many circles.

Well, those days are over. Once again, gold is fashionable, modern and to anyone with a clue, is not perceived as gaudy. Gold is in fact classy.

But wait! Not only can us women now wear gold again, it's okay for us to wear both gold and silver at the same time! I honestly didn't see this one coming but the time is now here. I love it when fashion rules go out of fashion. The less I have to worry about what I wear, the better.

Beautiful ladies two tone watch by Citizen
Beautiful ladies two tone watch by Citizen

Where the ability to combine the looks of these lovely metals really comes in handy is when buying ladies two tone watches.

Now that it's okay to wear silver and gold at the same time again, do not limit yourself to wearing all your silver jewelry with just your silver watch and all your gold jewelry with just your gold watch. Perhaps you weren't/aren't so foolish but this is what I used to do! I felt so restricted to have to do this so like I said, I love it when fashion rules go out of fashion.

The best thing to do is when buying your next women's watch, buy one of the two tone varieties. You will get a lot of mileage out of this, baby, and here's why:

Like I said, while it's now okay to combine silver and gold between your jewelry and the watch you're wearing, it's the ultimate if you have a ladies two tone watch because this piece can act as your centerpiece and will go really well with, say - a gold pair of earrings, your white gold wedding band, maybe a silver chain around your neck and whatever color metal hardware happens to be on your purse! A two tone watch will really play well off whatever colors you're wearing.

You can still wear an all silver or all gold watch with either silver or gold jewelry, but it just doesn't look as good as when you mix it all up with the two tone watch. With the ladies two tone watch, you are making a statement that you are a modern woman who doesn't have to choose.

See how pretty this ladies two tone watch by Citizen is that you just scrolled by? Years ago, I would have puked but now I love it and want one for myself. Funny how one's opinion can change, isn't it?

Top Rated Two Tone Watch on Amazon - see larger picture, scroll above

Women's Two Tone Watches: Your Options

Here I will show you some of the best rated ladies two tone watches on the market today.

Let's take a look at your right here (it's almost exactly the same as the larger photo above). This is one of the top rated ladies two tone watches on Amazon with a perfect 5 star rating and it's easy to understand why. For one thing, it's stunning - and with the Citizen name, you can be sure you're getting a quality piece.

This watch is "Eco-Drive" meaning it doesn't need batteries, thereby making it more environmentally friendly. How does it work then? It gets its power source by using the difference in temperature between your arm when you're wearing it and the air around you. Cool, huh?!

TAG Heur Ladies Two-Tone Watch

For some people, reaching the point in their lives where they're able to own a TAG Heur watch or give one as a gift is seen as the ultimate status symbol.

These watches are extremely well made and just simply look good (as they should when you see how much they cost!).

I can't say I've reached the stage financially where I could justify to myself owning one of these watches but a girl can dream!

So, if this looks like pocket change to you, then hooray for you, you've made it! I'm sure this watch will provide you with lots of compliments or at the very least, envy.

For long time fans of TAG, this brand sells itself. Enough said.

Nice Ladies Two Tone Watches Under $100

Not all of us have wads of cash lying around but it doesn't mean we have to sacrifice on fashion. Honestly, I can't justify to myself spending tons of money on a watch and the good news is that one doesn't have to. Here are some really nice two tone watches for women all under $100. Check out the fancy brand names: Citizen, Bulova, etc.

Top Womens Two Tone Watches Under $50

Alright, if you're really on a budget - and why shouldn't you be in this recession? - you can still find some nice two tone ladies watches for under $50. Here they are!

Final Words

I think you will find that having a two tone watch as part of your accessories is a real investment. It will just simply go with anything from dressing up to dressing down and everything in between.

Of course, they make great gifts, too!


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    • PurpleOne profile image

      PurpleOne 7 years ago from Canada

      @acaetnna - you said it perfectly! :)

    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 7 years ago from Guildford

      I love two tone watches because they match either gold or silver jewellery and I love to have everything matching.

    • PurpleOne profile image

      PurpleOne 7 years ago from Canada

      @carrie450 - I want one too! :)

      @claptona - thanks for reading! It's definitely worthwhile keeping up with fashions even when you're away on travel. :)

    • claptona profile image

      John D Wilson 7 years ago from Earth

      LOL - as I am traveling here in Guatemala, eating with the local chickens and dogs that roam the restaurants that are more inline with my budget, it is nice to know about style!

      Silver and gold together - what a great combo. Next, wearing fiat money will be in fashion!

      Keep me posted on the latest trends, purpleone, I find it very entertaining, the importance of style!

      Good hub, and enjoyed reading it.


    • carrie450 profile image

      carrie450 7 years ago from Winnipeg, Canada

      I really like those two toned watches PurpleOne. Maybe one day I'll have one.