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Lady Gaga's fashion – strange, head turning style

Updated on January 29, 2012

Those that love fashion cannot ignore the outrageous style of Lady Gaga. With a successful career, she is able to express herself freely of her very unique style. However, there are times when one wonders if she really just want to make a statement. Ten years down the road, it would be interesting to see what Lady Gaga would wear. This hub talks about and has pictures of her very outrageous clothing at many events.

Bubble dress – This dress is made up of a whole bunch of bubbles. You cannot wear this dress unless performing as an artist at a show. It is very unique and certainly not seen before on any other female celebrity. However, it doesn't look that strange compared to some of the other stuff that she wore.

Lady Gaga's bow hairstyle and off the shoulder shinny black top – This is a really cool style by Lady Gaga. The bow hairstyle is actually very cute; it must be difficult to style your hair like that without professional help. Her off the shoulder shinny black top is not that over the top. Although it is a little shinny and figure hugging, it is actually pretty refined compared to some of the other stuff that she wore.

Lady Gaga with a bird's nest on her head and face? - I don't know what kind of look she is going for, but it is definitely unique to say the least. This look is very strange and not recommended for the average women. However, it catches other people's attention and turns heads for sure.

Lady Gaga's dress with wires all over – This is a very strange dress and look for the red carpet. However, it fits her personality and sense of style nicely. She completes her look with glitter tights, gloves and high platform heels. This is the first picture that I saw of hers that made me aware of her very different taste in clothing.

Lady Gaga's underwear dress with black veil covering her face – This is beyond strange to wear for the red carpet. However, Lady Gaga is known to have very unique taste when it comes to dressing up. This outfit would get a perfect score for being out there.

Lady Gaga's Gothic black dress – This black dress is very Gothic and dark. Lady Gaga's choice of wardrobe is always interesting and strange at the same time. However, compared to some of the other outfits that she wore, this is a more refined dress for sure. In addition, this is a great dress for Halloween.

Lady Gaga's orange red feather like dress – This is a very strange dress that look like a whole bunch of feathers glued together. For most of us, a dress like that is totally out there. However, for Lady Gaga, it seems to fit her personality and sense of style. The strange orange red boots complete her whole look.

Lady Gaga's big dress with huge head piece and crazy heels – This outfit is definitely very crazy and on the edge of fashion. But it would win an award for being very strange and crazy. The head piece is so tall and big, it makes Lady Gaga look huge. Those high heel shoes are definitely way over the top. I wonder if she can walk in those?


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