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Lamisil Once - Fastest treatment for Athlete’s Foot

Updated on January 28, 2015

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) is a form of ringworm fungus which affects the webbing between the toes. One of the most common fungi to affect the toes, it spreads easily and is very difficult to get rid of. It starts off as a mild burning/itching sensation but if not treated in time, can be distressing due to pain and a lot of itching.


Athlete’s foot usually presents the following symptoms:

A rash between toes, known as ‘Toe Web’
Itchy scaling
Burning sensations
Thickening on soles
Peeling or flaking skin
Cracked and sore skin
Blisters, if untreated for long

Lamisil Once, A Single Application Treatment


The fungus causing Athlete’s foot flourishes in dark, warm and moist environments like:

Swimming pool
Locker rooms
Gym shower stall
Nail salons

The tinea pedis colonies can easily be transferred from person to person or from the infected surfaces.

And so, contrary to its name, it doesn’t necessarily affect only athletes. It can affect anyone with sweaty feet.


Over the counter medications like certain antifungal creams and ointments effectively relieve inflammation and irritation. These medications usually contain the active ingredient Tolnaftate, Terbinafine or Miconazole. Lamisil is one such OTC which is very effective in the treatment of fungus.

However, with the latest product from the Lamisil range, Lamisil Once, you will be able to finally get rid of Athlete’s foot without much fuss.

Lamisil once

The entire Lamisil range of products is the most effective treatment for various fungus infection. Lamisil Once cream, the latest offering, is the best and the fastest for treating Athlete’s foot. While other Lamisil products need to be applied for a minimum of 7 days, to treat Athlete’s foot, Lamisil Once works wonders with just one application. The other Lamisil products can be used for treating other conditions like the Jock Itch or ringworm but Lamisil Once only treats Athlete’s foot.

The Way it Works

Lamisil Once, like the other products in the Lamisil range, contains the same active ingredient with kills the fungi infecting the feet. The only difference being the duration of its application. On application over the affected areas, mainly between the toes, Lamisil Once forms an invisible film which lets an active ingredient fight the infection continuously for a long time without any additional application of the cream. The film fades in around 3 days but by then the ingredient gets completely absorbed by the skin and it continues to work within. Lamisil Once starts killing the fungus immediately after its application, however, your skin might need around 3-4 weeks to heal.

Lamisil Once Instructions

- Wash your hands and feet and dry them well before applying the cream.

- It is supposed to be applied right after you have taken a bath and then avoid washing your feet for the next 24 hours.

- A single tube of the cream has enough quantity for applying on both feet once.

- Even if the infection is only on one foot, apply on the other as well to prevent re-infection.

- The cream should be well applied under, between and on the toes, on the sides of your foot and on the sole as well. Even if the infection is only between the toes. Applying the cream over the entire feet reduces the chances of re-infection.

- Do not massage, just spread it evenly.

- Make sure you wash you hands thoroughly after the application.

- Once the cream has dried, you can wear socks and shoes as usual.

Side Effects

A slight redness or itching is usually what some people experience while using any of the Lamisil product. Although these effects might be uncomfortable, they are nothing to worry about and you can continue with the treatment. In case there is an allergic reaction to the creams, a doctor should be immediately consulted. In case the following Lamisil Once side effects occur, do consult a doctor.

- Itching

- Peeling

- Burning

- Stinging

- Dryness

- Redness

- Tingling

- Rash

- Other skin irritation not present before its use

Precautions while using Lamisil Once

Although safe, it is recommended that Lamisil Once is not used if you are:

- Pregnant

- Allergic to any of the ingredients (mentioned on the pack)

- Under the age of 18 years

Preventive measures

Although with Lamisil Once you can bid those itchy scaly toes goodbye, it is always better to take preventive measures to avoid Athlete’s foot. Also, while treating your Athlete’s foot, make sure you take measures to avoid spreading the fungus. Keep your feet clean by washing them daily and drying them properly afterwards. All the towels, underwear and socks should be washed regularly and do not share them with others. Do not scratch the infected area since it will only spread the fungus and cause re-infection.


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