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Laser Hair Removal Bikini

Updated on July 21, 2009

Why is laser hair removal bikini so popular? Well, a lot of women don’t want to have those dreaded shaving bumps. Shaving and waxing can also be very annoying as well as painful. Furthermore, the it can get very itchy down there and folliculitis (an infection of the hair follicles) may occur.

What is the laser hair removal bikini cost? Although it will cost about $700-$1,300 to get this treatment done, for most women it is well worth the cost. You can get this treatment done just for the bikini line or you can go the whole way, getting a laser version of a bikini waxing, which will be more expensive. In other words, rather than just getting the bikini line, you can remove all of your pubic hair. Keep in mind that it will take around 4-6 treatments over the course of a year to completely remove the hair. Because your hair grows in different stages multiple treatments are necessary to remove the hair in the varying stages.

Will bikini area laser hair removal be permanent? Yes it will. Just keep in mind that laser hair removal bikini does not remove all of the hair, rather it reduces the hair be eliminating around 90-95% of it.

Is everyone eligible for it? Well, no. If you have dark skin you might have the treatment done. If you skin is dark enough you might very well be turned down. As such, it is not a good idea to go tanning weeks before you get your first treatment done. Lasers target dark pigment, which is why the ideal candidate for laser hair removal is someone with fair or light skin and dark/black hair. Furthermore, if you have light hair the cost of bikini laser hair removal will higher because it will take more treatments to get the desired hair removal. Then again, if you have light hair, it may not be noticeable in the first place and thus not worth doing. 

How will laser hair removal of bikini feel like and what are the side effects? It will feel like a light flick of the rubber band each time the laser is applied. Although some women have say that it doesn’t hurt at all, a small minority of women say that it hurts a lot. Side effects include redness and swelling, both of which subside in several days. To prepare for the laser hair removal bikini treatment, make sure to wash and shave the area.  


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