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Laser Hair Removal Costs

Updated on October 15, 2009

Laser Hair Removal Cost - What’s Your Money’s worth?

Are you tired of removing superfluous hair in some parts of your body very often? You are not alone, since almost all people experience the same hassle that you feel especially if you want your skin to look really smooth. But you don’t need to worry anymore, since the laser technological breakthroughs are now presenting hair removal procedures that entail long lasting effects. Though, the laser hair elimination process can appear to be very costly, learning about the laser hair removal cost will give you enough time to save for it starting today.

Laser Hair Removal Price Factors

The laser hair removal cost depends on many factors, which profoundly affect the total sum of the hair elimination. One great factor that clinics’ consider is the density of hair that you want to be removed, the thicker the hair appears; the more expensive it will be for you to acquire full eradication of hair. You should also take note how large the areas of your body where laser hair removal will be executed since this also influence the price of the procedure. If you want laser hair removal to be performed in either your legs or your back, you should anticipate that these areas are more costly than having it done in your eyebrows or your upper lip.

You must also discern that your hair’s growth pattern together with its texture significantly influence the laser hair removal cost. If you have a coarse hair, you should expect that undergoing laser hair removal with this type of hair is more intricate and may require several treatments, whereas when your hair is smooth, it would be easier to treat, so you’ll pay less for few sessions. Other factors that impinge on the laser hair removal cost are your skin type and your skin condition. Keep in mind that people who exhibit darker skins are more complicated for the lasers to integrate. If you have scars, scratches, marks, ingrown hairs and other skin problems, you might be required to find special laser services, which will lead to a more expensive laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Cost Estimate

Here is the estimated laser hair removal cost:

  • For upper lip or chin, you need to save $35-$85.
  • For your bikini lines, you will need $100-$250.
  • Armpits may require you to pay off $65-$85.
  • Your full arms and legs may need $350-$650.
  • Eyebrow laser hair removal on the other hand calls for $50-$75.

For the most part, laser hair removal clinics transact with clients in different methods. These most of the time are per minute fees, per pulse fees and flat fees. The cost of laser hair removal that demonstrates per minute fees distinctively depends on the length of the laser process, which is outlined in duration blocks usually from ten to fifteen minutes. Per pulse fees almost work like per minute fees although, the laser hair removal sessions are based on the number of pulses for the treatment’s effectiveness.

When it comes to flat fees, these payments are usually paid by every client, disregarding their individual laser body hair removal costs and needs. You should also keep in mind that different areas of your body may necessitate dissimilar session duration.


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