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Get Laser Hair Removal

Updated on February 7, 2010

Are you tired of shaving, waxing and plucking and the self torturing that goes with it? Are you dreaming of having smooth skin that won’t break into stubble that feels like sand paper. Laser hair removal might be the best way to get that velvety smooth skin that we all love so much.

The best way to find out is to try it. Most specialists in laser hair removal will do a test area on your skin so you can see what you get without having to pay large sums of money.

What exactly is it?

Laser hair removal doesn’t cut or pluck the hairs. It burns them with a laser – right down to the roots. That's why it takes ages to grow back and sometimes the root is permanently damaged so the hair won’t grow back at all or not for a long time.

Of course it isn’t cheap but neither is the outcome and you have to do it at least twice with 4 – 6 weeks in between. This is because, you don’t get all the hairs in the first time round. But even then, the hair will still grow back and you will have to repeat it several times in order to stay hair free.


Laser hair removal is FAR mor effective than shaving or plucking. No comparison. It really does reduce the hair growth signifficantly and in time can bring hair growth down to pretty much zero. That is of course a great result but it takes time and money to get there.

Does it hurt?

Kind of. Its not bad really but when the hair gets burnt, then there is a cracking sound that comes with a short sting. Its not as bad as an epilator or plucking. But I bet it depends on your skin and hair type so it might hurt more for some people.

Are there any side effects?

I have hyper sensitive skin so I assume that most people will have fewer or no side effects. After the first time the hair didn’t come out entirely but was a kind of singed which looked awful for a while. Also, my skin got irritated in that area. But those side effects went away and soon there was perfectly smooth skin that lasted for ages and that was definitely worth it.

Points to note

It works best on people with a dark hair type and a pale skin type which happens to be me. The more so the better. And the more you tend the other way (dark skin and lighter hair) the less well it will work. This is because the laser burns dark surfaces and if your skin is dark, you can guess what effect that could have. Also it won’t burn blond hair as well as dark hair but I believe it still does work.

Its quite a slow procedure. They basically take a little device and target each folicle separately. That way it can take hours to go over the whole body. Its best and most cost effective if you just need to be hair free in certain small areas that are difficult to shave.

Go to a skin and hair specialist and laser a small test area first and see how you react and how well it works. That won’t cost much and then you know what exactly you’re getting. Of course, you should choose that spot carefully and best do it in winter when you only go out fully dressed.


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    • profile image

      Kathleen D. 6 years ago

      I gave my boyfriend a bikini waxing , and he complained a little, but I love the look! He's bare down there! I don't know if the lazer treatment would be adviseable for tender areas. He might object to the permanence or the cost too.

    • profile image

      Crystalbelle 8 years ago

      Laser hair removal is a permanent solution, but one must have survey the best professional service. Try to look through or call up for any promotion offered.