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Tips For a Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

Updated on December 18, 2010

Teeth whitening is a technique where countless individuals consider once they have realized that their teeth are discolored. Most teeth staining is a result of cigarette smoking, chemical substances or food items. Teeth can also be discolored by prescription drugs and the ageing process.

Now with the most recent technologies, teeth whitening treatment may be accomplished quickly as well as in several circumstances teeth could be lightened over and above the natural teeth shade. The laser teeth bleaching treatment has the capacity to correct a number of kinds of yellow-colored, brownish and tarnished enamel discoloration as well as it is beneficial for individuals of nearly every age. This is an excellent option in rejuvenating the brightness of your smile.

Throughout The Big Apple, laser teeth bleaching is performed in dental practices using an authentic laser method called LaserSmile. Red-colored lighting is produced when laser tooth whitening is performed.


Here are a few advantages of laser teeth whitening treatment:

1. This is a much quicker and milder teeth whitening treatment compared to regular or non-laser treatment. The laser teeth bleaching requires just 16 minutes of gel application on the teeth and that is in contrast to an hour for the non-laser technique.

2. While using the laser teeth whitening procedure there is no need to use the plastic tray over night when in various other bleaching methods it will require the bleaching carbamide peroxide gel to be used over night.

3. Much less post-procedure level of sensitivity as well as a quicker procedure time due to the fact that the laser tooth bleaching method offers better laser strength as a result of exact wavelengths.

Generally there are a few things that ought to take into account prior to having a laser teeth whitening treatment.

Alcohol Users and Cigarette Smokers

It isn't suitable for alcohol users as well as people who smoke to have teeth whitening. It ought to be avoided ahead of the teeth whitening procedure. Cigarette smoking may be the reason for destruction of gum line and tissue around the teeth and could ruin the results of the teeth whitening. The very best client for laser teeth bleaching is actually anyone who has teeth stained brought on by ageing, coffee drinking or cigarette smoking.

Porcelain Ceramic Restorations and Substantial Composite Resin

Pre-existing repair for example caps, veneers, bonding, bridges as well as tooth fillings usually are not suitable for teeth whitening; as an alternative it can be replaced and matched along with the colour to your recently whitened color.

Presently Hypersensitive and Transparent Teeth

Over fifty percent of people who experience laser teeth bleaching will certainly feel the pain sensation of very sensitive teeth for several days after the procedure. However the discomfort will eventually ease within a weeks time. A few of of the transparent teeth may seem more dark after whitening.

Repair of Amalgam in the Front Teeth

It is necessary to have a good prognosis before for teeth whitening as well as replacing the amalgam is required to prevent the greening effect.

Impractical Expectations or Non-compliance

The degree of teeth whiteness in one individual to another can vary widely. Furthermore the effect of shade color change depends on each persons outcome to the particular bleaching solution. Some individuals also might have a reaction to the solution.

Laser Teeth Whitening Treaments Are Popular

Within New York City, laser teeth whitening is currently popular due to the fact it is endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration and the American Dental Association. Individuals appreciate the great end results of laser teeth whitening and also this procedure is actually considerably safer compared to some other teeth bleaching methods.


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