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Lash Growing Product That Really Works!

Updated on August 9, 2013

Causes of thinning eyelash and eyebrow hair

For women over fifty, or menopausal women at any age, hair can appear where we don't want it and disappear where we do! Aging is the most common cause of losing eyelashes and is a normal process. However, other causes of thinning of eyelash and eyebrow hair can be due to hormonal changes, stress, medication, genetics, or an allergic reaction to skin and makeup products.

Medical conditions can also affect eyelash loss, such as Follicular Eye Lash Loss and is due to a mite which causes the follicles of the eyelash to become inflamed and swell. This condition must be treated by a physician. Hypothyroidism is a contributing factor; and a more serious condition, Alopecia Areata Eyelash Loss. Alopecia Areata is an immune system condition that attacks the follicles and involves other parts of the body to lose hair and should be treated by your physician.

Safety Concerns About Eyelash Products

Everywhere I turn I see ads for these new eyelash growing products. There are over twenty different products on the market today and they all sound too good to be true. Some have warnings on the products about proper application, eye and skin irritation. Especially the prescription only product called Latisse lists many warnings and needs to be cited here, such as changing eye color to brown, infection in the cornea, inflamed red eyes, darkened skin on eyelids, and the growth of hair in areas of the body other than the lash area. It is also very expensive. Similar products that contain prostaglandin analogues bimatoprost and lanatoprost, produce several possible side effects which may be dangerous to the eyes. So, be sure to check the ingredients of the product you choose to use.

What Worked Best for Me

When my eyelashes became scant, broken and virtually invisible I stopped wearing mascara because it didn't seem to help. My concern in using a lash building product was the safety aspect and affordability. Some products can cost upwards of over $200! I found something at my local drug store that was less than $10 and suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. It claims that within 30 days I would notice more and longer lashes. I followed the directions very carefully: Each evening before bedtime, I used the wand to brush my lashes just like mascara and also on the eyebrows. It includes a thin brush on the end that could be brushed along the edge of my lash line.

After only week 3, I noticed improvement and am now wearing mascara for the first time in months and it isn't a lash lengthening type either. My lashes look as good as they did when I was in my 30's! I am thrilled. It is call Lash Accelerator by Rimmel.

Update - - it's been over 2 months now, and I am still using this product and very happy with the results. I have noticed an increase in hair growth of my eyebrows and a darkening of the color of my brows and lashes too which is good. I don't have to "draw in" my brows as much. I even feel more confident not wearing mascara, because I my lashes look so much more lush.

See Real Results

Before Using Lash Accelerator you can barely see my lashes they are so short and thin
Before Using Lash Accelerator you can barely see my lashes they are so short and thin
After only 3 weeks of using Lash Accelerator and just a touch of a regular mascara (no lengtheners)...what a difference!
After only 3 weeks of using Lash Accelerator and just a touch of a regular mascara (no lengtheners)...what a difference!


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