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Lasik Vision Correction

Updated on August 4, 2009

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Lasik Vision Correction (a.k.a. Laser Eye Correction) is the eye surgery performed for correcting the myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. This is an old technique that has been used since 1950's but it has been very popular with the latest advancements in the laser technology.

The Lasik Vision Correction is consisting of three phases. The patient's eye is immobilized and a flap is created using a metal microkeratome. There is also a new technique know as IntraLASIK in which a laser microkeratome is used instead of a metal one. The flap is lifted and an excimer laser is applied to the patient's cornea. This is the phase which the patient's vision problems are corrected. The excimer laser remodels the tissue below the cornea and when the process is finished the flap is closed.


After the eye laser surgery patients are told to keep their eyes away from direct sunlight, avoid rubbing and keeping their eyes healthy to avoid any post surgical complications. It's normal to have itchy eye for a few days but be sure not to rub your eyes. You will use eye drops and antibiotics to avoid infections for a few weeks. When you go back for check-up and your bandages are taken off, the doctor examines your eyes and you will know if you have clear vision or not.

The Lasik Vision Correction brings in lots of advantages and lots of questions within. The laser technology is improving every day and each year a new eye laser surgery technique emerges. The patients who wait more can benefit from more advanced technology.

There are also lots of complications patients claim to suffer after the Lasik Vision Correction. The most common amongst them is; seeing halos around lights in the night. This becomes a major problem while driving at night. Also there are many patients who claim to have blurred vision after the surgery.

How Much Does Lasik Cost?

The Lasik Vision Correction differs in every location as the technology can be considered new and with such high demand the prices differ in each doctor, each city and each country. The best way is calling a Lasik Vision Institute near your residence and getting information. The eye laser surgery costs around 500$-2500$. The most important factors is the technology used and the experience of the doctor. Be sure that you are using the latest technology and leaving yourself to experience hands.


Eye is the most sensitive organ in our body even more sensitive than laser technology so if you are deciding a Lasik Vision Correction, you are accepting the risks. If you don't mind using glasses or contact lenses too much you don't need a laser eye surgery at all. If your eye defect is too much and it's effecting your social life then you should consider the laser eye surgery.


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    • profile image

      epitomeworld 6 years ago

      Informative hub written by Bloggerdollar. Really this hub is very helpful for me as my 18 years old son Kredy is suffering with eye problems. Everyone suggest me for vision eye correction surgery but I was afraid that is it safe for my son, but after reading your hub I collect more information about this surgery and now I understand that this surgery is fully effective and best for my kid. Thanks Bloggerdollar for creating this informative hub.

    • profile image

      tari 6 years ago

      Hello evrybody.

      Here what i found -> vision correction