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Latina Beauty Tips

Updated on October 29, 2012
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I enjoy reviewing makeup, accessories, and bringing others out of their shells by helping them discover their individual styles.

Latina women are beautiful!
Latina women are beautiful! | Source

There is no one type of Latina beauty, but one thing is for certain... true Latina beauty comes from loving oneself! So find your strength and look by checking out the following tips. Then, show it off to the world!

Beautiful Latina Eyes

If a person's eyes are the window to their soul, then a Latina's eyes are the window to a very exotic soul. Everyone wants others to see the beauty inside themselves, so why not make the most of it? Create amazing eye looks that will catch the glances of others with ease with these tips.

The Perfect Eyebrow Arch

For the perfect high arch, don't bother attempting to heighten it by applying eyebrow pencil to the arch itself. Instead:

  • Grab the eye pencil that best matches your brow color
  • Lightly, extend the inner bottom corner of your eyebrow down ever so slightly
  • By lowering the bottom of the inner corner, the midbrow appears to naturally arch higher!

Latina Eyebrows

The real reason women get the eyebrows shaped is to help them better "naturally" (read: without makeup). And this is a great idea. But take care not to dramatically alter the entire shape of your brow... if you want to do that, just use makeup!

Basically, a well-done brow line can give you a wonderfully rejuvenating look, and for pennies on the dollar of an eye job.

Waxing and tweezing are both viable options to improve your eyebrow line, but if you have never been waxed before, ask a friend (whose look you admire!) where they get their waxing done. Never pick a place solely on the way the salon looks... always do your research first. You don't want trouble with such a prominent feature.

Once you have achieved the shape that opens up your face, you may still have to finish your brows off with eye pencil or powder. Even with my dark brows, I have been known to finish off with a touch of dark mascara or brow gel there... or at least clear mascara (or even hair pomade, in a pinch) to keep them in place.

Eye Makeup Looks for Latinas

There are lots of different eye makeup looks to complement your style. Here's several:

Definitely the 5-Minute Eye.
Definitely the 5-Minute Eye. | Source

The 5-Minute Eye is good for when you want to look neat but don't have a lot of time.

  • Apply a moisturizing eye cream
  • Add concealer in a light tapping motion with your little finger at the inner part of the eye (next to the bridge) and on the eyelid. This will immediately brighten your face and simultaneously help your eye makeup from sliding off. Alternately, apply eye primer.
  • Dust a neutral color all over your lids
  • Curl your lashes (you may dislike curling lashes, but you'll be impressed after if someone snaps a spontaneous photo of you), then apply one coat of mascara.

A 10-Minute Eye with heavy eyeliner.
A 10-Minute Eye with heavy eyeliner. | Source

The 10-Minute Eye is the right choice for evening or special occasions:

  • Apply a moisturizing eye cream and concealer or primer as listed in the 5-Minute Eye
  • Add your neutral-toned eye color on your lids
  • Apply darker-shaded contour shadow to the eye crease
  • Add a lighter-shaded highlighter shadow along the brow bone up to the eyebrow. Many cosmetics companies have made this easy by including a drawing of the lid and where certain tones should be placed to achieve maximum impact.
  • Apply eyeliner softly with a small wet, flat brush. Dip it into your eye shadow and ever so gently work it into the upper lash line. Gel eyeliner sticks also work very well.
  • Finish with dark mascara after curling your lashes.

Here's a Statement Eye if I ever saw one!
Here's a Statement Eye if I ever saw one! | Source

Or, try The Statement Eye if you want to have a little fun:

  • Use eye cream and primer (as always!)
  • A line of colorful eyeliner across your upper lids will make you smile
  • Or, extend your eyeliner out much farther than usual
  • Apply fake lashes to really bump up the look!

Latina Makeup

The whole point of foundation is to conceal imperfections or create a glow, so when choosing foundation, pick the right type and color. To do this, take into consideration your skin type, texture, and expectations. Generally, someone with smoother skin has more makeup choices than someone with hyperpigmentation (darker regions on the skin), acne scars, or large pores (me, me, and me!)

Latina Skin

The most important way for a Latina woman to care for her skin is to apply sunscreen. With use and over time, she will look younger and have smoother skin than her peers who were not as smart.

Another way to improve our skin is by dry buffing. Dry buffing or brushing of the skin on our bodies assists in circulation and the removal of dead skin cells. It also feels great. Don't forget to moisturize afterward.

Applying fresh aloe to sunburns and cuts will help heal them and bring fresh skin cells, but if she wants her face to look even more gorgeous immediately, or if she does not want to have to worry about imperfections, many of us turn to makeup!

But don't worry -- there are solutions for every skin type.

  • Stick foundation is great for normal to dry skin, and can double as concealer, although they require a lot of blending
  • Liquid foundation provides medium coverage on just about all skin types, but can be blended with moisturizer to provide a sheerer look
  • Sheer coverage is best for those with great skin already who would like to even it out
  • Cream to powder foundation is great for oily skin or those with large pores, blotchiness, or acne scars, or those with just a few minutes to do their face. They cut down shine, providing a matte, face-friendly finish.
  • Powder coverage is my personal favorite. Great for all skins and easily able to be accommodate sheer to heavy coverage, powder foundation is my go-to type.

Macadamia Natural Deep Repair Hair Masque, 8 OZ
Macadamia Natural Deep Repair Hair Masque, 8 OZ
Skin masks are lovely and relaxing, but why not try this macadamia and argan oil mask for hair?

But not everyone needs to wear foundation. If you're lucky enough to be born with perfect skin, keep it lovely by slathering on your moisturizer and perhaps some natural masks:

  • egg whites and plain yogurt
  • crushed banana or strawberries
  • oatmeal and honey

This woman is clearly staying positive!
This woman is clearly staying positive! | Source

A Gorgeous Latina Life

But the easiest way to continue the legacy of Latina beauty is to follow these easy tips (and none of them have to do with makeup):

  1. Surround yourself with positive people and positive relationships. No thank you, holla-back girls!
  2. Educate yourself. Although college is not for everyone, learn more about the things that you are passionate about... become a community leader... or read, read, read!
  3. Eat properly. All foods are safe in moderation (ask your doctor if you are on medication that forbids fat or salt and they will be happy to help find you am alternative), and enjoy five servings of fruits and veggies daily.
  4. Give yourself permission to live your own life, and to love your own life.
  5. Remember that Latina beauty is diverse, and stereotypes cannot contain us.

So be happy and healthy and positive, and pass it on!


  • Aranda-Alvarado, Beren and the Editors of Latina Magazine. Latina Beauty: A Get-Gorgeous Guide for Every Mujer. Hyperion Books, New York, 2000.


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