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Leading The Way In Fashion, What Not To Wear's Stacy London and Clinton Kelly

Updated on June 14, 2010

Fashion Advice With No Apologies

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly make a great team on The Learning Channel's, What Not To Wear.
Stacy London and Clinton Kelly make a great team on The Learning Channel's, What Not To Wear.
Stacy and Clinton,standing besides one of their fashion victims discards.
Stacy and Clinton,standing besides one of their fashion victims discards.
Here is a before and after of one of the participants on the show.
Here is a before and after of one of the participants on the show.
Stacy is never shy, when it comes time to giving her honest opinion.
Stacy is never shy, when it comes time to giving her honest opinion.
Clinton, who has a keen sense of what shouldn't go on a woman's body will not hesitate to give that lady the information her family and friends should have shared with her long ago.
Clinton, who has a keen sense of what shouldn't go on a woman's body will not hesitate to give that lady the information her family and friends should have shared with her long ago.

Leading The Way In Fashion

Even in the simple matter, or should I say, not so simple matter of choosing your wardrobe, there are a lot of dos and don’ts. Apart from your physical body, you also carry your clothing choices with you everywhere you go. In a world where first impressions count, what you wear matters, call it superficial, if you want, your wardrobe choices, say a lot about you.

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, are a woman and a man on a mission. On their very popular fashion advice program, What Not To Wear, they change the look of society, one wardrobe at time.

What Not To Wear began its mission on January 2003, and has had seven successful seasons so far. The show airs on The Learning Channel and is broadcasted in Mexico, Columbia, Argentina and Europe. Each episode began with a person, who is a fashion victim or simply doesn’t look in the mirror very often. These individuals, thinking they have some unique sense of style, often are diluted when it comes to fashion in general. They often wear clothes that are not age appropriate, have outrageous prints or colors, or simply are in the wrong decade. Whatever the reason, these people are in desperate need of help.

After the participant has been selected, Stacy and Clinton offers them five thousand dollars for new a wardrobe, and have them bring their present wardrobe to what I call the judgment room from Hell. Here is where Stacy and Clinton let our fashion victims know what they think of their unique fashion perspective. They have the participant wear what they would normally wear in front of a three way mirror, then our hosts come in, without warning, to check on the participant, who is all smug in her “outfit”. This is when, Stacy and Clinton, tells her exactly why this outfit is giving everyone conjunctivitis. After Stacy and Clinton have shown the participants all the evils that could come upon them, if the continue with the error of their ways, they donate their old wardrobes to charity, and start to give our fashion converts some fashion guidelines. The guidelines are tailored to the needs and body type of the participant.

The participant is than sent to New York City, on a shopping spree, for a new, and rule appropriate wardrobe. Usually, the participants are hesitant shoppers on their first day, and have trouble parting with their old ways. Stacy and Clinton watch in disbelief, from a room, to which the video cam is transmitting to them, this sad episode in shopping history. After Stacy and Clinton have already made a list of all the participant's bad shopping habits, they are now on a mission. They join their clueless shopper on the second day of their shopping spree, and guide them through the process. By the end of the second day, the participant now has a beautiful, tasteful and smart wardrobe. They then decide it’s time to put some polish on their masterpiece, in the making, and bring the participant to the show’s hair stylist, Ted Gibson. Ted then cuts, dyes and styles the participants hair, giving them a new look. Then the participant is sent to the program's makeup specialist, Carmindy, she then tries to find the colors that flatter the participants skin tones and facial features, giving the participant a new attitude.

Then comes the part of the show where friends and family are gathered to see this transformation. Then out from behind the curtains comes out someone who is styled, polished and fashionably dressed. Everybody’s excited, since their clueless family member or friend has finally been transformed into someone they are proud to be seen in public with. Alas, Stacy and Clinton have transformed, yet another life through fashion.

Stacy London was born May 25, 1969, in New York City. Right from the start, Stacy was in one of the world’s greatest fashion empires. Her father, Herbert London, is the president of Hudson Institute. She received a B.A. from Vassar College, and was a member of Phi Betta Kappa Sorority. It was during a summer in Paris at the Christian Dior internship, that Stacy found her life's true calling, fashion. She began her career as an assistant in Vogue Magazine and later became a fashion editor for Mademoiselle Magazine. Then in 2003, London was given the opportunity to co-host, The Learning Channel’s new fashion show, What Not To Wear. Stacy is not alone in her quest to change bad dressing habits, she has her accomplice, Clinton Kelly.

Clinton Kelly was born on February 22, 1969 in Panama City, Panama. Kelly was grew up in Long Island, New York in Port Jefferson Station. A graduate from Boston College, he later went on to the Medill School of Journalism at the Northwestern University, where he got his masters in journalism, and specialized in magazine publishing. Clinton was an editor for Marie Claire and a deputy editor at Mademoiselle Magazine, later became executive editor of the Daily News Record, a men’s fashion retail trade magazine. In 2003 Clinton went on to co-host What Not to Where with Stacy London.

Stacy and Clinton both make an incredible fashion duo. The comments that they give their fashion victims regarding their choices are priceless, and often hilarious. They even give excellent psychological evaluations of the participants habits. They even give their subject insights, into why they keep insisting on looking like something from Pluto. Stacy and Clinton have a very friendly and professional relationship; they tease and pal around a lot. Clinton defines their partnership this way “a brother and sister in the backseat of a car on a long car trip. Sometimes it’s fun and we’re playing games; but other times, it’s, ‘She’s touching me! She’s looking at me! I can hear her breathing!'" Stacy tends to be the more outspoken of the two. She refers to breast as “the girls” and does not hesitate, in telling her participants the truth about their clueless ways. Clinton will also let his guest have it, if the outfit fails to flatter that woman's body type, or is an eyesore, he will not fail to say so. Honest to a core, lots of fun and geniuses of transformation, that in a nutshell, pretty much describes our intrepid duo.

You can watch what not to wear on The Learning Channel; they are now in their eighth season, with a new episode running every Friday at 9pm. If you want more information on this truly, life transforming show go to the following website:

You will not only be entertained, but you will learn a lot of fashion dos and don’ts, and discover if there is anything in your own wardrobe, you should be giving away, or better yet, burning in a bon fire.


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