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Learn About Corset Wedding Dresses

Updated on November 14, 2010

Picking the right wedding dress is one of the bride's most important (and stressful) tasks. It is also a lot of fun. While the traditional white wedding gown is still the most popular choice, many women are opting for less traditional fare, like pink wedding dresses and all manner of dress styles. One different option for bridal gowns are corset wedding dresses. Corset wedding dresses are a great way to show off and accentuate your figure while exuding sexiness and confidence. They are a great way for you to express your personality on your special day. This hub will give some tips for those interested in purchasing a a corset wedding dress.

Meaning of Corset Wedding Dresses

Corsets have a long history dating back centuries. While corsets have been traditionally associated with women, men have also worn them at various times in history when certain body shapes were valued over others. The particularities of a corset’s style and function have changed over the centuries, but by the 1940s they largely fell out of fashion. Recently a revival of sorts in the fashion world has brought the corset back to mainstream attention, particularly with its use in films like Moulin Rouge.

Wedding corsets will nicely accentuate your figure. Usually the corset aims to make the waist thinner by pulling it in and supporting the breasts, creating the desirable hourglass shape. Corsets can reduce waist size by 2 to 7 inches, depending on the type of corset and how it is fitted. A properly fitted dress will highlight and bring out feminine curves regardless of the body’s shape or size. If you are thin, it will create an hourglass shape for you. If you have a fuller figure, the dress will give you great structure. Best of all, your arms and shoulders will look fantastic in this dress.

Though corsets have an overtly sexual connotation, at least in contemporary culture, they can still be quite modest depending on the style. A corset wedding dress with straps can still be modest and look traditional even with the sexier modification, and a strapless wedding corset can still be modest when paired with a shawl or jacket. Of course, if “modesty” is no concern, no shortage of options exist for you.

If you are planning a theme wedding, like Renaissance or steampunk, wearing a bridal corset can nicely complement your other decorations and plans. Corsets have an association with all things vintage and can provide you with the extra touch to put your wedding over the top. Corset wedding dresses can thus combine the traditional with the modern and the modest with the flirtatious.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Corset

The first step for picking any wedding dress, not only a bridal corset, is deciding on a budget. Knowing your price range will help you narrow down the many options available. If your budget is limited, never fear. Purchasing a dress is not the only option; you also have recourse to bulk wedding gown stores, buying a used gown, or renting one.

Next, you need to decide on the color. While white (and its shades) is obviously the most popular, other colors are available if you want to truly wear something different. Even when picking a different color than white, you can still settle on one that is more subtle; if you really want to go all out, very striking and bright colors are also available. Pink wedding dresses are extremely popular, though blue and black dresses are not uncommon.

You will also want to decide what kinds of necklines and skirt styles you like. Corset wedding gowns are luckily very flexible when it comes to both features. Necklines can range anywhere from square shaped to deeply plunging styles. Kinds of skirt can vary, with A-line and wrap-around among the most popular. The length of the dress can also range from short to long.

Look for corset wedding dresses that are laced up, not zipped, in the back. This lacing will allow you to customize or fit your dress more closely to your specifications, and can be modified more easily than a zippered dress. You won’t have to worry about gaining or losing a few pounds before the big day, as the dress can be tightened or loosened as necessary. Stress free!

When looking for corset wedding dresses, one important feature to request is that the corset be removable from the dress. This serves two functions. First, removing it can allow more comfort and agility at the reception when the bride will have to mingle and dance. Second, the corset can be used for other dresses and occasions. Unlike a wedding dress, which can only be worn once, this corset is a nice addition to a woman’s wardrobe.

Those interested in untraditional wedding dresses can read this hub on the pink wedding dress. Other unique wedding ideas can also be found in hubs on how to find the perfect reception hall, how to pick a great wedding planner book, how to plan beach weddings.


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      blue93 7 years ago

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