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Learn How to Make Shamballa Bracelet

Updated on June 13, 2013
A stack of my shamballa bracelet.
A stack of my shamballa bracelet.
 After knotting the beads. Cut the two excess cords.
After knotting the beads. Cut the two excess cords.
Finish of knotting the beads
Finish of knotting the beads
Connect the opposite ends of the cord., but next to each other. Start another cord for another macrame square knotting at the center.
Connect the opposite ends of the cord., but next to each other. Start another cord for another macrame square knotting at the center.
Its now all done and glued.
Its now all done and glued.

These bracelets are the most sizzling summer trend. Make a bunch in bold colors, a variety of solid colors and stack them to get the full effect. This bracelet can be worn at any place and occasions depending on your mood and coordination of styles to your outfit. This has been worn by the celebrities like Beyonce and Justin Bieber.

In my previous hub I have shared the Pattern of making Macramé Bracelet. To make Shamballa beaded macramé bracelet pattern is easy and simple especially for the beginners. If you want to try something new that you want to learn for yourself and teach other this is perfect. The beads that I've used here was old and used, I bought them in a yard sale, it's still pretty and it save's me a lot. Because, if you buy a regular bead in the store for 10-15 per piece it may cost you $4 to $7. I hope that helps you out to save when you make bracelets. And now let’s start to learn about how to make Shamballa Bracelet.

Materials needed:

  • Cording like hemp, leather and etc.
  • A variety of beads from small to big (depending on your bracelet size)
  • Clipboard
  • Paper fastener
  • Scissors
  • E-6000 clear transparent glue or any glue

Sweet Note: The Bead size will depend on your personal choice or preference. Just make sure your cord goes through the bead hole. If the cord will not go through the hole simply apply a nail polish at the cord tip and apply pressure to dry it out. Then try it again on the breads hole.

If you can't provide a clipboard or fastener just used the scotch tape on the tip of the cords to hold and secure when you start making the bracelet.


  1. First cut one length of cord approximately 16 inches long to be used in the center. Second, cut one length approximately 35 inches long to be used as wrapping cord. And for the last cord cut one length approximately 12 inches long to be used as a closure.
  2. Leave at least 6-7 inch cord at the top, use clipboard and fastener to fasten the top end of the cord and bottom to secure, fast and easy knotting.
  3. Place and position the wrapping cord under the center cord. Then Tie square knots for approximately 2 knots.
  4. After 2 knots. Place one bead and slide it up on the center, and then tie another 3 knots after the bead to secure.
  5. After you secure the first bead, Follow it up for another bead, and then tie another 3 square knots after the bead to secure.
  6. Continue Step 5 for another piece of beads and square knotting.
  7. For the last bead, to match it from the beginning of square knotting. Tie square knots for 2 after the bead to secure.
  8. Using the outside wrapping cords, tie an overhand knot tightly and then dab a tiny amount of glue on the knot to secure. When glue is dry, trim cord.


Hold the ends of bracelet’s cords ( you should have some good length their approximately 5-6 inches) together on opposite sides, but next to one another. Place the approximately 12 inches closure cord and slide under these cords so that the closure cord is centered below them. Make 5-10 square knots with the closure cord enclosing the bracelet ends.

Use the ends of closure cord, tie an overhand knot and dab a tiny amount of glue on it to make it more durable. Sweet Note: BE CAREFUL HERE- Do not glue the entire closure to the bracelet cords because they will not “slide” in the closure.


Slide a small bead on both ends of the bracelet, and tie a knot in the cords to keep the beads on. Remember not to tie these knots too close to closure. You want to be able to loosen the bracelet to get it on and off.

And now you have a fabulous Shamballa bracelet. Remember Make a stack of Shamballa bracelets to have a fuller effect. Enjoy!

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Source: Youtube

©Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved by Dashingme


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