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Leather Bomber Jackets For Men

Updated on July 9, 2011

Leather jackets become almost every teenager’s favorite jacket for decades. Because of its popularity, leather jackets are designed into a variety of models, in various kinds of leather and mostly made for men.

Bomber jacket clothing is among the most wanted classic leather bomber jackets. It is also referred to as flight jacket. It is a thick clothing originally made for American and British pilots to keep them warm while staying in the freezing cockpits which is not well-enclosed in the World War One. Leather was selected because it is thick enough to protect the pilots against the chilly environment. The old leather bomber jacket model has high wrap collars, tight cuffs, thick wind flaps. This type of jackets is able to maintain their popularity even after 90 years.

There are several types of leather jackets that you must know that is A-2 flight jacket, G-1 flight jacket and MA-1 flight jacket. These bomber jackets are very commemorative and bring back many beautiful memories for people because they exist for a very long time. Before this, M44 flight jacket and A-2 flight jacket were constructed from horsehide leather and seal skin. The materials are then change to cowhide leather and goatskin. This is because the requirement exceeded the supply system. These jackets are Hollywood favorite fashion for actors to wear in movies which glamorize them and making these jackets even more remarkable.

Leather bomber jackets are able to reflect the wearer’s personalities. For example, some designs symbolize manliness while some become synonymous with honor, adventure and many great legends. The old model of leather bomber jacket inspires many designers to come out with great ideas to design the latest model of leather bomber jacket to follow the fashion trend.

This kind of jacket is far different from a biker jacket. This jacket has a little more fabrication than your biker ones, your motorcycle jackets. Bomber jackets are mostly available in two colors that are brown and black. So, wearer should know how to wear it and which clothing goes well with it. Many of the wearers have no idea how to wear this kind of jacket. You can wear it with your denim or with your gray cargoes. You can also match it with some accessories such as chain to give you a grunge look.

These jackets are mostly designed to be worn in cold climates. But the latest model of bomber jacket now comes with removable lining so that you can wear in spring and fall. When you are selecting the bomber jacket, you should ensure that the thick cuffs and waist are ribbed with strong elastic and the jackets have a heavy-duty brass zipper and collar straps.


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      david jack 5 years ago

      can i wear this Leather Jacket while riding bike as i am crazy about riding but i need some protection..