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Leather T Shirts | Get Skin On Your Skin

Updated on September 29, 2010
When she's not looking trendy, she'll eat your brains.
When she's not looking trendy, she'll eat your brains. | Source

Leather pants and vests have long been a wardrobe staple of furry, intimidating men, but women's fashion has finally come up with a potential solution to the biker menace problem - and that's to make leather tops and leather t shirts standard items of women's attire. Eventually, bikie gangs and other attempted ne'erdowells will be left with the option of rebelling by wearing a pink shirt under their suit jacket instead of a white one and then feminism will finally have won.

The history of women's fashion often appears to be little more than the gradual co-opting of men's fashion. At first it looks dowdy, then it is hailed as 'cute', and eventually, after 20 years or so, it becomes 'womens wear' and men are no longer able to be seen dead in it. IT happened with high heel shoes, it happened with tights and it's potentially only a matter of time before it happens to jeans. Eventually men are going to be found sobbing in corners, clutching at their favorite clothes and begging women not to wear them.

But to return to the subject of leather tops and t shirts, they're seriously very wearable at the moment, which is rather strange considering they are unlikely to be wildly comfortable to wear (though their promoters say otherwise - after all, what could be more comfortable against your skin than the skin of another creature who isn't using it anymore?). I found the leather top pictured in this article on the Fashionising Blog, where it was touted as a breakthrough garment, proving that leather doesn't have to be tight and fitted to look good.

This particular top comes in the ever popular 'camel' tone that is in this season, which is really beige, and which happens to be about the natural color of leather anyway, so that's pretty handy really. The little gold hot pants, dead straight hair and large circular sunglasses of the model nail this trend down to a very particular style - 70s reborn, or as I like to call it sometimes in my lighter moments - zombie 70's.

It's fairly unlikely that leather tops will become particularly mainstream for two reasons, one because decent pieces tend to be wildly expensive, (even the largely shapeless top above retails for over $400) and because you can't toss them in the washing machine with your other clothing at the end of the day, which is a prosaic way of saying that leather has to be stored correctly, treated correctly and cleaned correctly if you're not to destroy several hundred dollars worth of product in a single moment of thoughtless hygeine.

However, due to the expense and difficulty of dealing with leather garments, if you're looking for a truly unique signature piece that will cement your place as a fashion icon in your social circles, a leather top is definitely the way to go.


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