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Leather Wallets - Bifold and Trifold

Updated on September 28, 2017

Leather Wallets - Style & Quality

Leather accessories spell style and quality. When it comes to wallets, a leather bifold wallet is almost always preferred not only because it is stylish but also because it is long lasting and does not give way easily.

I have known a person who has carried his trifold wallet for over 10 years without it having been damaged at all. But today the requirements of a wallet carrier is different.

A few year ago most men used to carry cash in small or large currencies, some small change in the form of coins and may be a driving license. Old fashioned trifold wallets for men have become redundant. The reason being, today men are forced to carry more cards than money.

A good wallet should have enough compartments for small and large bills, preferably a split bifold area. It should also have enough compartments for carrying around the numerous cards that is more of a necessity than indulgence or luxury.

Be it a credit card, a drivers’ license, a club card or a transit pass, they all need to be carried around with ease.

Today quality leather wallets that are soft for the touch and light also come with a thumb hold with a flip up ID window to make its use easy.


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