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Leather Wallets with RFID Blocking Lining

Updated on September 28, 2017

What is RFID?

Credit cards today come with RFID chips. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. They come with these to create ease of use. The cards are used by mere contact or a tap or two.

No swiping is necessary for it nor a PIN. While yes, it make us transact our business in a jiffy, it can also be a risky business.

Thieves can easily use a scanning device to scan your card taking advantage of this ease of use to create duplicate cards and access your money.

How then can we prevent from fraud being perpetrated?

A good idea would be to get a bifold wallet with RFID blocking lining. These linings insulate your from this kind of electronic pickpocketing.

So one of the features you would be looking for while buying a trifold wallet, or a bifold one would be to make sure they the lining.

Also leather should be the preferred material of choice. A leather bifold wallet is soft and comfortable to hold and is stylish and trendy. It is also long lasting.

Bifold or trifold wallets for men should also have enough pockets to partitions to hold the various identification documents that have become a necessary part of everyday life and business today.


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