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Zeus Approved Womens Leather Wrist Cuffs

Updated on July 28, 2010

I'm a massive fan of leather wrist bands. Why? Well, there are several reasons, for one they make me feel as if I could be in the 'olden days', which is important to people like me who sneer at modernity but still spend 15 hours a day in front of a computer screen. (It's important to be able to appreciate one's own hypocrisy if one is to be able to appreciate anyone else's.)

For two, they're a fashion accessory that is often made by independent vendors. You can buy them at markets and other such hippy commerce places, and I like that. If I'm going to be forced to traipse around in the mud at 8 am on a perfectly food Sunday morning that could have been spent in bed, then I want to come away with something to show for it, gosh darn it. And as there is only so much hippy candy one can buy before one projectile vomits on that guy who insists on wearing Renaissance dress, I've gone for collecting these leather arm bands that not only look stylish, but masculinize my femininity in a way that some men and some women find quite attractive.

They're also exceptionally good for making notes about important events, or dates. One of my leather wristbands has the date of my boyfriend and I's anniversary on it, which, as I have all the memory of a mushroom, has come in handy on several occasions when we sat together on the couch and wondered if we'd been together for five months or five years.

If you're new to leather wrist bands, let me offer you some advice. As a lady, two inches is probably thick enough of a band. Any thicker than that and you're technically wearing a gauntlet, which is fine in its own way, but does open you up to potential archery challenges.

Always wear just one leather wrist band at a time. It doesn't particularly matter on which wrist you wear it (though regional differences may have the wrist the band is worn on signifying anything from ovulation to political agendas). Wearing two mismatching bands on different arms looks messy and wearing two matching bands makes people afraid of the possibility that you might wrestle them to the ground and steal all their dinars.

Contrary to popular opinion, wearing a leather wristband does not mean that you must poke large holes in your ears and take a liking to incense. Its perfectly possible for a mainstream human being to buy and wear leather wristbands without succumbing to the urge to become a fire breather.


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