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Corporate Alternative | Leather Wrist Cuffs

Updated on July 28, 2010
This is the only wristcuff unsuitable for wearing in a corporate place as it is a replica of one worn by Edward Cullen in Twilight and can therefore only end in an endless battle with Werewolves. Nobody needs that.
This is the only wristcuff unsuitable for wearing in a corporate place as it is a replica of one worn by Edward Cullen in Twilight and can therefore only end in an endless battle with Werewolves. Nobody needs that.

There's a burgeoning style coming through the fashion ranks. It's a result of the decadent 'individualistic' modern Western philosophy and the rise of alternative cultures in the mainstream. No longer are people content to don plain suits and conform to a staid corporate front. They want to show their individualistic individuality wherever possible. This has lead to all sort of interesting developments in the corporate world, from people with interesting dye jobs, to quirky earrings, to visible tattoos and yes, even to leather wrist accessories.HR can create all the dress policies it wants. Fashion innovators, style rebels will always find a way to express themselves through the medium of wearing clothing.

There are so many permutations of the leather wrist band that although the idea of wearing one in a corporate environment might initially strike one as madness, sheer madness, it's really not. You don't have to wear a thick metal studded affair that glints menacingly under the fluorescent lights as you interface with HR over the mess on Debra's desk. Leather wristbands can be subtle, restrained, and yet still leave you ready for a time warp to the year 34 BCE to open at any moment.

A good choice for corporate environments are slimmer wristbands, wristbands, which, at a causal glance could be confused for watchbands. After all, who can argue with a businessman or woman wearing a watch to work? Nobody, that's who. They don't need to know that you're subverting the entire notion of time by removing the watch from the wrist equation. If you want to be meta-subversive, you could purchase a wristband with a sundial etched into it, thus evoking a sense of timelessness when you gaze wrist-ward.

Of course, if you commonly wear a suit to work, then the leather band need never become an issue. Leather wrist cuffs are excellent at hiding beneath shirt sleeves and suit sleeves and indeed, sleeves in general. So even if your workplace has yet to embrace the individualistic togetherness of the new millenium, it is possible to wear a leather cuff under the dour exterior of your suit, reminding yourself in some small way that you still own your soul.

Leather bands can be purchased wherever leather bands are sold. That is to say, they are available at a plethora of online retailers, at markets and in many fashion stores. Basically, we're up to our ears in leather bands in the world, and finding one that matches your taste and budget should not pose a significant problem.


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