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Leather jacket made using human being DNA

Updated on September 1, 2016
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Felishiya started writing at the age of 10. Since then, she has produced various articles in English and Spanish and few in French as well.

Fashion industry is progressing at a fast pace launching different and amazing fashion lines. It is not hidden that most of the branded clothes are made out of animal skin like fur coat, leather goods and many more.

Now, what's new? A designer is planning to use a person's DNA to design a leather jacket. This designer name is Tina Gorjanc and that person is none other late fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen was a British fashion designer known his fashion label that was named after him. His designs had been chosen by many celebrities like Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more.

He has been awarded several times for his fine work. His net worth was around $30 million and he has also acted in movie, Volumen. Later on, McQueen committed suicide at the age of forty.

Alexander McQueen, the late famous Fashion Designer
Alexander McQueen, the late famous Fashion Designer | Source

On the other hand, Tina Gorjanc is a Slovenian citizen who aspires to be a great fashion designer with her dressmaking and craftsmanship skills.

She has worked as a fashion tutor at V&A Museum and Olympic Park, design assistant at Derek Lawlor Knitwear Design, head fashion designer at Kaihou start-up fashion design label, patter cutter and machinist; tailor at Nylander Couture and fashion intern at Aitor Throup Studio.

She has also promoted her work at various exhibitions and has been awarded many times.

Gorjanc has decided to build a leather jacket that contains Alexander's genetic material.

As per Gorjanc's plan, she is planning to implement his material into cell culture. After such implementation, cells will be harvested into skin tissue which will be exposed to tanning and finally human leather will be a result.

The final result, which according to her, will be fine human leather that is going to produce all kind of fashion accessories like bags and jackets.

Prototypes of human leather
Prototypes of human leather | Source

Gorjanc has already prepared her prototypes of human leather. They give us a view of human cell tissues on its surface and are in different colours. Moreover, it seems that she is very curious to make such cloth that she has already prepared a prototype of a leather jacket. The jacket colour looks like a shade of antique white and the fabric looks quite glossy with a fish-shaped design on its left collar making it look quite elegant.

Prototype of leather jacket
Prototype of leather jacket | Source

While the concept is only in its theoretical phase right now, Gorjanc has already filed a patent for McQueen’s tissue and has successfully convinced the McQueen’s collection owner.

Gorjanc is making this human leather jacket as her project which is a part of Central Saint Martins' Material Futures MA. She has also previously designed an outfit using pig skin.

With many people and organizations are already against those fashion designers who use animal skin to design clothes and accessories, what will be their reaction if using human skin to design clothes become a trend in fashion industry.

Though animals are brutally murdered before their skin is used for making fabrics, in case of human being the issue is about an already dead person’s tissues.

Still no matter, how the skin is being extracted from the living body, it sounds pathetic that someone is wearing a jacket made out of human skin. Most of the people ought to find this practice horrifying and religiously wrong.


On the other hand, if Gorjanc has filed a patent and she is receiving the permission to do such harvesting of human cells into leather, then it is not a crime or a wrong practice in the perception of many other people, at last she did not have to murder a living entity.

It was purely a request to extract genetic material out of a dead person means out of Alexander McQueen’s.

Well, this is not the first time something is being made out of human leather. Previously, many students had practiced on developing something made out of human leather. You can also see lots of websites selling human leather jackets, belts and shoes already.

In comparison to animal leather, human leather is said to be of finer grade and is much more durable than the animal leather.

Human leather is extracted using traditional tanning process. Such process makes use of an acidic chemical compound called tannin. It is mainly done to change the color of the material.


Coming back to the discussion, with Gorjanc all set to produce her first human leather made out of none other than famous late designer Alexander McQueen, how many of you would actually like to wear that jacket? In fact, how many of are currently thinking to buy such type of jacket? It does not matter that it is Alexander McQueen’s skin; it is not going to provide extra shine to the jacket. At last, he was also a human being and it is a jacket made out of human skin.
Do you really think that the practice of making clothes and accessories out of human skin should be prevalent as that of animal skin is?
Are you in favour of this type of practice or against?
If human leather is claimed to be the finest grade, then it does not mean that it will be produced at a large scale to make goods. Does it also mean that if researches prove that eating garbage will be prevent you from ageing, will you start eating garbage? The question, definitely, sounds ridiculous. Similarly, using human leather to make durable goods also sound ridiculous and make no sense.


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