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Leather vs. Metal Watch Bands

Updated on September 28, 2012

Which do you prefer? Metal or Leather Watch Bands?

Everyone that wears a watch normally has a preference of leather or metal watch bands. But if you are unsure about which you prefer then you have a lot to learn.

Watches, just like any other piece of clothing or personal gear are meant to be not only functional, but fashionable too. In order to do both, you need to match the type of watch you want with the things that you do every day.

There are watches for just about every occasion or environment and when you are trying to decide between leather and a metal wristband, you should do some browsing to see which works better for the times you plan to wear the watch.

Choosing a Watch for Your Lifestyle

In order to choose a watch that fits your sense of style and fashion, you need to check out the various types of watches along with the available shapes, colors and materials. Leather wristbands come in more colors and styles than metal ones, which could be one consideration on choosing between the two. Your final choice will depend both on function and on fashion since certain types of material are better for certain environments.

First, what are you planning on using your watch for besides telling time? Is it fashion or function? You also have to figure out if you may be allergic to either leather or metal before you choose a type of material for your wristband. You can tell if you are allergic because your wrist will itch and turn red.

Function of your watch

Perhaps you are a swimmer and would like a water resistant or shock resistant watch. For instance, a swimmer would do better with a leather wristband band because metals tend to tarnish if put into water, especially if it is the salt water of the ocean.

A leather band could be made of cowhide, horsehide or even leather made from alligators or crocodiles. Some of the less expensive watches can come with choices of colored leather. Metal wristbands could be made of gold, platinum, or stainless steel or even silver, depending on your desires.

There is truely a watch for each and every person.

Take Care of your leather / metal watch

If you want your watch to remain in good shape, then there are several tips to follow. For instance, if it isn’t waterproof, then keep it away from water. Especially if it is a metal wristband because water can erode the metal even if it says water resistant.

Another thing to consider is the differences in taking care of leather versus a metal watch wristband. If the watchband is metal, you may be able to get by with just wiping it off with a soft cloth, while if it is leather, you will have to clean it with leather cleaner or other specific cleaners.

The bottom line is that making a choice between leather and metal for your watch wristband is one based on personal style as well as the reason why you want the watch and where you plan to wear it. Either one can be a great choice depending on your style and will hopefully get the job done when you wear it.


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