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Leather Wallets For Men | What You Should Know Before Buying A Wallet

Updated on August 12, 2012
men's leather wallet
men's leather wallet

Leather Wallets For Men

Finding the perfect leather wallet can be hard especially since there are so many types of wallets to choose from. Whether you are purchasing the wallet for yourself or as a gift for someone there are some important things you should consider before deciding which leather wallet to buy. There are three main aspects when it comes to choosing a leather wallet: design, size, and color.

leather swatches
leather swatches

Choose The Color

Although most wallets are synthetic leather, even original leather wallets come in a variety of colors. The most common colors are black and brown, but there are many shades which people prefer (tan, gray). Brown wallets are considered to be for more casual attire such as jeans, while black tends to match for formal occasions. Most of the time men will wear the same color belt as well.

Choose The Leather

There are many different types of leather that are used to construct wallets. It is important that you know which kind you are looking for before you decide to buy a wallet.

Genuine Leather - This is the original leather wallet, made from cowhide. Either from the lower level of the skin or many scraps of leather bonded together.

Full Grain Leather - Another type of wallet which is made from original leather. The key step left out is the refining/sanding of the leather. This leaves the wallet with the leather markings that some people look for.

Top Grain Leather - A very soft leather made from the outermost skin level of the cow. Top grain leather is almost always sanded to remove any imperfections or natural marks from the fabric.

Suede Leather - A soft leather with a coarse texture feel on the outside. Suede is the result of numerous brush strokes over a finished piece of leather to give it the fur like texture. Another unique type which is sometimes preferred over the smooth leather.

Other Animal Skins - Another option is to get leather which is not made from cow hide. Typically leather made from crocodiles, kangaroos, and eels.

The Bi-Fold Wallet

Probably the most popular men's wallet is the bi-fold wallet. It is the classic wallet where the notes are folded into two sides. Although the name might make the wallet sound like it has two folds (actually the tri-fold wallet), the bi-fold wallet is folded in half. Most bi-fold wallets have spaces to hold identification/credit cards either vertically or horizontally. The bi-fold is also very convenient because it fits in most trouser pockets (front or back) and also in suit pockets

The Tri-Fold Wallet

The tri-fold wallet is one of the less popular leather wallets for men. The reason being because of the thickness of the wallet. Although the width and height of the closed wallet is smaller, the depth of the wallet is thicker. Because of this, the wallet often protrudes within the confines of clothing and so is more noticeable. Paper money has two folds when it is placed inside the wallet, and to make space for the credit/identification cards,

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Final Notes

Depending on personal preferences there are a variety of leather wallets for men that are available. The most important things to remember when choosing a wallet are color, size, and type. Although the quality of leather is important, most people are interested more in style and do not consider the leather style or quality. With regards to price, I personally would not pay more than $50 for any wallet, although there are some designer wallets which go high above that and are suited to a different class of people. If you found this webpage helpful or if you have any questions please leave a comment below.


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