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Leggy Lingerie | Knee High Stockings For Men

Updated on December 17, 2009

Ever wished that you could wear stockings in a way that it still looked like you were wearing traditional masculine attire? Well friends, knee high stockings may just be the droids you are looking for. Knee high stockings, as the name implies, are stockings designed to rise only to the knee. They were originally designed for women who were wearing long skirts and couldn't be bothered pulling a pair of stockings all the way up their legs (those last 6 or so inches are a killer,) so to save time and energy, the stockings only go to the knee, allowing a lady to look as if she has donned a lovely pair of stockings when in reality she has simply thrown on some knee highs. Scandalous!

You can take advantage of this in the reverse effect, men, because as everyone knows, stockings that only go to the knee are technically socks, and men are allowed to wear socks. That's right, you may have been denied many other forms of clothing for reasons which are quite unclear, but you can safely say that men are certainly allowed to wear socks.

Usually, of course, you would be restricted to thick, chunky socks made of wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers that make you want to chew your toes off. There is no reason however, why you cannot don a pair of patterned or indeed, plain opaque knee high stockings and go about your business dressed in a soft, smooth, entirely lovely pair of pseudo socks that will suffuse your whole day with the joy of subtle fashion rebellion.

Almost any man can get away with this, no matter what his job or role in life. From the guy filling out TPS reports at the corner cubicle closest to his three bosses, to the guy driving illicit medication to Mexico with his good friend Cheeto the Chihuahua by his side, knee high stockings are the perfect subtle lingerie accompaniment to any outfit, except, perhaps, short shorts, and then only because the knee high stockingness of the knee high stockings would be very blatant and bold indeed. Very few men wear short shorts as a matter of course these days, unless of course, they're Australian or from New Zealand, in which case stubbies are considered mandatory summer wear. In that case, slip on your knee high stockings, slap on your jandals and make sure you wear a wide brimmed sun hat – it's hot out there!


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    • GetRhythm profile image

      GetRhythm 8 years ago

      Knee high stockings? Now those Ill have to try.