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Lelli Kelly Shoes - A Buyers Guide

Updated on February 4, 2011

Lelli Kelly

Lelli Kelly shoes are a fantastic range of footwear made exclusively for girls. Lelli Kelly shoes come in a variety of styles and are very attractive to young girls due to television advertising and marketing campaigns. The shoes are bright and colourful, especially utilising pinks and reds. Lelli Kelly shoes cover the different styles including boots, trainers, party shoes, school shoes and ballet pumps, therefore making the shoes available for all occasions.

Lelli Kelly - Fashion Shoes

Lelli Kelly is not a typical brand of children’s footwear. Instead of making do with the usual lacklustre shoes in black which are not very stylish, Lelli Kelly has decided to put a stop for this. Lelli Kelly takes styling and fashion from the Italian fashion labels and adapts them, making them available for children tastefully. The range of Lelli Kelly footwear enable wearers to feel like little girls should, adding sparkles and sequins making the pretty and fashionable. Despite being focused on fashion, Lelli Kelly have approached this carefully, ensuring that the footwear is still sensible and comfortable whilst keeping in mind the shoes are to be worn by young girls. Not only are Lelli Kelly fashionable, but more importantly for parents, they are sensible and good for your children’s feet.

Lelli Kelly - Construction

Lelli Kelly shoes are an Italian brand, so is of course made with high quality materials. Lelli Kelly abides by the highest level of European quality standards of children’s footwear. This ensures that the shoes are durable and long lasting for your little girl. The highest quality leathers are used for the uppers available in leather or patent leather. Some styles are also made of 100% cotton canvas material. The inner sole of Lelli Kelly shoes are made of perforated leather to provide ventilation, and the soles are non slip.

Lelli Kelly – Marketing

Lelli Kelly have been very prominent in their advertising and marketing towards young girls. This has been done through television advertisements which market the shoes almost like children’s toys. Another way of marketing Lelli Kelly is that whenever a pair of shoes is sold, it comes with a free gift such as a makeup console. Lelli Kelly is certainly a brand that is wanted by young girls around the country.  

Lelli Kelly - High Tops
Lelli Kelly - High Tops

Lelli Kelly - Ventilated?

Lelli Kelly appreciates that your children’s feet will perspire during the period of wearing shoes. Therefore Lelli Kelly has inserted a perforated leather insole in the shoes, containing a soft latex foam which wicks away moisture. This moisture is then released through the holes at the sides of the Lelli Kelly shoes. Once the shoes are taken off the moisture is then completely removed from the shoes through evaporation.

Lelli Kelly - Dolly

One of the most popular styles of Lelli Kelly is the ‘Dolly’ shoe. The Dolly is a cute pump for little girls made of cotton canvas uppers. The uppers are decorated with embroidery and small coloured beads, individually stitched onto the uppers. The sole is made of rubber and features Lelli Kelly branding around the sole. Additionally the sole is non slip, helping prevent falls. The addition of a Velcro strap ensures that your child’s feet are held in place to prevent movement and ensure comfort.

Lelli Kelly - 'Strawberries Dolly'
Lelli Kelly - 'Strawberries Dolly'
Lelli Kelly - Baby Velcro
Lelli Kelly - Baby Velcro

Lelli Kelly - Baby Velcro

Lelli Kelly isn’t just for young girls, but also babies. One style available for babies is the ‘Baby Velcro’. The Baby Velcro come in smaller sizes and is slightly different to the Dolly. This style is more of a closed trainer with two Velcro straps to keep your child’s feet firmly in place in the shoes, aiding in their development when learning to walk. The soles are softer, yet the uppers are still as stylish and colourful using embroidered designs and coloured beads.


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    • profile image

      raina 2 years ago

      i wish thay had them in size 4 and i`m 10

    • profile image

      rosie 5 years ago

      can i have lelly kelly boots high tops plz thanks x

    • profile image

      chlo 6 years ago

      make size 5's!!!!! i want a pair

    • MCAT4 profile image

      MCAT4 6 years ago from New Zealand

      These are just too cute... shame they weren't in New Zealand!