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Lelli Kelly Shoes For Spring 2011

Updated on November 7, 2016

Lelli Kelly

Italian company Lelli Kelly have been selling the brand in the UK for the past six years and each year the range get bigger and more exciting!

It all started in 2005 with the first launch of their now iconic beaded canvas shoes range. These beautiful little shoes were made of canvas but the uppers were heavily encrusted with sequins and tiny coloured beads. The names of all of the shoes were cutely in Italian, so we had 'Fragola Dolly' which means 'Strawberry Dolly' in English or Ciclamino, 'Cyclamen' when the purple primula flowered shoe came out.

Lelli Kelly Spring 2011

Lelli Kelly Coccinelle Dolly
Lelli Kelly Coccinelle Dolly
Lelli Kelly Strawberry Special Dolly
Lelli Kelly Strawberry Special Dolly

History and Current Ranges

The shoes were are great success for those shops that chose to stock them. It was a hard sell at first as the shoes were not the cheapest on the market. The Company however had a secret weapon, well two actually. Firstly they managed to secure some short sports on UK TV channels CBBC and The Cartoon Network. Carefully placed adverts featuring little girls dancing in the shoes had the desired effect and created 'pester power'! This combined with a clever little free gift with every pair enhanced the phenomenon, the cult of Lelli Kelly was born. They had the shoes, they had a unique marketing ploy – sales of course followed, demand grew and the shoes started showing up in all the best stores, including online superstores like

Lelli Kelly UK then started to expand the ranges – they were essentially a one season wonder, with sales strong in the Spring and Summer but virtually drying up for the rest of the year. Cue the introduction of the first School Shoes range in the Autumn of 2009. It started with a couple of black patent party shoes but was quickly followed by the next sensation, the 'Mille Volti' shoe. This was launched in the Spring of 2010 as a white, silver and fuchsia sequin encrusted party shoe but it had a unique selling point! The straps could be interchanges, so you would have a plain pair of straps, a set with diamanté on and another encrusted in sequins. Cue little girls all over the country sitting on their bedroom floors swapping over the Velcro attached straps to their heart's content!

This innovation led to the Autumn 2009 launch of the first interchangeable strap school shoes, The School Dolly. The reaction to these shoes was amazing with most stores selling out before the main back to school period even started. This phenomenon was followed by the first of the boots which also featured changeable straps and the rest is history. Lelli Kelly have continued to advance the collection in the most innovative ways. The shoe even have leather insoles in them that help wick away any moisture in your little girls feet, using their patented 'drysole' technology!

For Spring Lelli Kelly Girl's Shoes are back once again with a brand new range of encrusted canvas shoes, this time they have decided to use English names. So we have the Strawberry Dolly shoe and the Cherry Dolly Shoes. One shoe in the range retains it's Italian heritage the Coccinella Dolly (Readers with a hint of cooking skill will recognise the origin of this word Cochineal made from beetles!)

The range has been expanded to feature low heeled version of the popular moulded rubber canvas sole, a subtle update that bring the shoe to life. This is a wonderfully bright collection of shoes that will brighten up your little girls wardrobe, they even go up to a size 4 on some of the models. Fuchsia of course dominates often on a white background, there is even a Strawberry version of a canvas gladiator to ring the changes!

The adverts inevitably will be back on the TV again in March and May with the catchy jingle (of course!) Lelli Kelly, unlike the British brand Startrite Shoes is an Italian company based in Lammari but the shoes are made in high quality factories in China.


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