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Lemon-A dandruff reliever

Updated on October 8, 2009

      Dandruff is a condition wherein your scalp becomes so dry & itchy and will be scaly once scratched. This condition is mostly brought about by excess use of shampoo and conditioner which removes the scalp's natural oil.

     There are some products that promises to get rid of this condition but most often did the worst out of it. Because most of them are using harsh chemicals that will result overdying of the scalp as well as the hair.

     There are many ways in getting rid of dandruff without the necessity of spending too much. For one, even if you shampoo everyday, try to use different kind of shampoos every other day. Secondly, rinse hair with lukewarm water after every shampoo (We were taught in the fundamentals of nursing that lukewarm water brings out the scalp's natural oil). Thirdly, use lemon. How to use it? Simply squeeze its juice and apply or massage it unto the scalp. Let it stay on for about 30 minutes and then rinse. Lemon does not only gives you a dandruff-free hair, it will make your hair shinier too.


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