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Make Homemade Lemon Hairspray for Afro Textured Hair

Updated on December 29, 2016
Homemade Lemon Hair Spray Recipe
Homemade Lemon Hair Spray Recipe
Make Homemade Lemon Hairspray for Black People Natural Hair
Make Homemade Lemon Hairspray for Black People Natural Hair
Make Homemade Lemon Hairspray for Black People Natural Hair
Make Homemade Lemon Hairspray for Black People Natural Hair

Benefits of Lemon Juice in Hair

There are more conscious Black people that are wearing their natural hair instead of a chemical perm. This is because hair relaxers are toxic for the body, and will eventually lead to hair loss of the hairline, and damaged hair. But Afro texture hair is healthier when it is worn in its natural state, the natural hair is then considered to be good hair.

It's best to keep the hair hydrated, and making your own lemon hairspray is beneficial to maintaining healthy and strong hair. Any race of people can use a homemade lemon hair spray in their hair, it will reap the same benefits.

Spraying lemon hair spray in your hair will prevent dandruff. This is helpful for African Americans that wear hair twist, flat twist, braids, cornrows, 360 waves, Afros, braid outs, and other hairstyles. Spraying lemon hairspray in the hair every 4 days will assist the ends NOT to break. Wearing lemon hairspray is natural, organic, and it has a slight citrus smell. You may want to spray your hair less days a week during the cold winter weather.

Wearing lemon hairspray in the hair also repels potential lice. People that are seated at movie theaters, hotels, airports, public buses, libraries, and other public places, may want to spray their hair with a little lemon hairspray to repel potential lice from forming. When being seating at public places it's best to spray a little lemon hairspray on the hair once you arrive home from a public place.

Lemon hairspray acts as a hair-sanitizer just as hand sanitizers are for hands. This hair sanitizer may be used in between washing the hair with regular shampoos.

Only 3-5 spritz of spray is needed for spraying the hair every 7 days with the lemon hair spray: 1 spritz at the top of the head, 1 on each side , and 1 spritz in the back of the head.

This spray works best on natural hair,

and not on permed or colored (dyed) hair.

Make Homemade Lemon Hairspray for African American Natural Hair
Make Homemade Lemon Hairspray for African American Natural Hair
Make Homemade Lemon Hairspray for African American Natural Hair
Make Homemade Lemon Hairspray for African American Natural Hair

Benefits of Lemon Hairspray

If you want stronger, shiny, and dandruff-free hair, wearing an organic homemade lemon hairspray is the right choice for natural hair. Some people use a lemon juice rinse after shampooing their hair; first shampoo the hair, then apply 100% lemon juice to the hair for 5-10 minutes and then rinse with cool water. Leaving the lemon juice in the hair for 5-10 as a rinse will definitely assist to repel head lice and stop them from potentially forming in the scalp and hair.

Lemon is high in vitamin C and can be an antioxidant for your hair and scalp. This antioxidant can rid your hair of toxins and pollution such as cigarette smoke, smog, hair products that contain chemicals, and also medications that you take.

Many people like natural organic hair products in their hair, instead of high amounts of alcohol that's seen in hair products, which eventually dry the hair out.

Lemon hairspray will give you thicker and healthier hair, it helps to keep your hair hydrated. African American hair tends to get dryer than other races of people hair, that's why lemon juice hair spray is great for hydrating the hair. Keeping the hair hydrated will make it grow faster and give it more shine.

Homemade Lemon Hairspray Recipe Ingredients

  1. Real Lemon Juice or concentrated, 1 ½ ounces.
  2. With real lemons, just strain juice before pouring in empty spray bottle.
  3. Water, 1 ounce
  4. Spray bottle, 2-4 ounce bottle size.
  5. (Extra virgin) Olive oil or vitamin E oil, 1 teaspoon for 4 oz. bottle.
  6. Mix all ingredients in the empty spray bottle.
  7. Shake bottle; use every 2 days to sanitize and hydrate the scalp.

♥ For an itchy scalp! Use lemon juice alone,

have a spray bottle especially for "lemon hair spray

with no added ingredients," And spray your scalp

with it daily for 4 days. After the fourth day, moisturizer the scalp with olive, or an organic moisturizer of your choice. ♥

Citrus Hair Spray Moisturizer for Natural Hair $9.98

Citrus Hair Spray Moisturizer for Natural Hair
Citrus Hair Spray Moisturizer for Natural Hair | Source

The empty spray bottles can be bought at Dollar Stores or Walmart. Also you can add lemon juice to conditioning hairsprays such as S-Curl Activator, Sta Sof Fro, or leave-in conditioner hairsprays, for natural hairstyles. If you buy the liquid biotin capsules you can put a hole into the capsule with a pin or needle, and then squeeze the biotin drops into the lemon hairspray bottle.

For other hair types that are not African American but naturally straight; your hair may get naturally oily faster; you can prevent your hair from getting oily by using lemon juice hairspray without adding the coconut oil. Lemon hair spray will prevent your hair from getting oily so fast, but the hair will still keep it's shine, and will keep your hair and scalp cleaner longer.

Another benefit for using a homemade lemon hairspray is that it unclogs the scalp pores, which make the hair strands grow stronger and longer. This spray is a great way to keep the hair hydrated, sanitized, and well-conditioned at all times.

Homemade Lemon Hairspray Poll

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    • Ann810 profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Sunny Cali

      Hi Kendra, organic is best for the scalp and hair. Thanks for commenting.

    • Kendra Dobson profile image

      Kendra Dobson 

      2 years ago

      Thanks for the tip! I haven't heard of lemon spray before this. Love learning new things!


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