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Leopard Print Shirt

Updated on March 10, 2011

A Leopard Print Shirt for Every Occasion

A leopard print shirt can really add a touch of high fashion to any outfit you're wearing. Whether it's for the office or for lunch out with friends, there is a leopard shirt suitable for any occasion.There are also leopard print shirts suitable for every taste. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a tunic, a tee, a blouse, or a cami, there are leopard print shirts that you are sure to love.

Are you looking for a leopard print blouse or pink leopard print shirt? If so, then you should take a look online to see what's available right now at and eBay. I love these two stores because they seem to have terrific selections of designer and brand name products for a lot less than you would pay at any retail store.

Do you think that you can pull off wearing such a powerful animal print? One thing that you will want to do when wearing a leopard print shirt or animal print shirt for that matter is look appropriate for the occasion you will be attending. The leopard print that is used on shirts is really attention getting and you will want to be careful and not over do it. Some leopard print blouses are cleverly designed in deeper shades of leopard print to ensure you will not be too loud at the office.

Leopard Print Blouses for Business or Formal Affairs

Yes, leopard print blouses can look rather lovely for more formal occasions. Pair it with pearls for an exceptionally exquisite look.

For business or evening wear, opt for the darker shades of leopard print already mentioned as well as gray versions of the leopard print shirt. Make sure to look for classic and elegant lines in the leopard print shirt.

If you are not into wearing leopard print blouses, there are plenty of leopard print tunic style shirts and other style of leopard dress shirts to choose from that would be more than appropriate for business or evening wear.To not draw too much attention to yourself in a leopard print shirt all definitely depends on the style shirt that you choose. High cut and looser shirts would be a conservative style while form-fitting cami style leopard print shirts are something to reserve for going out.

Leopard Print Blouses
Leopard Print Blouses

Pink Leopard Print Shirt

Leopard Print Shirts for Other Than Business Occasions

While low cut a tight shirts may not draw the type of attention you are hoping for. The more formal an even the more conservative you should be, if on the other hand you are going out clubbing, then a tighter and lower leopard print shirt may be more your style. There are also a variety of leopard print tank tops or a pink leopard print cami style shirt for going out, staying in, or just plain having fun. Pair it with a really cute pair of leopard print or patent leather heels, and you are ready to roll.

The Pink Leopard Print Shirt

The pink leopard print shirt can be a cute alternative for the office underneath your suit or for going out. Depending on the style of pink leopard shirt, it can usually be worn with anything from your favorite blue jeans to a really cute black mini. Pink leopard print shirts are available in a variety of styles. There are even pink leopard print shirts for jogging and working out.

If you don't think you could ever like a pink leopard print shirt, you should look at some of the cute styles on this page. I didn't think I could ever like a pink leopard print shirt until I saw some of them. They especially look cute in the leopard print cami style, but I think some of the pink leopard print shirts in the tee style could look great with a jeans skirt.

Wearing Your Leopard Print Shirt

Accessorizing with your leopard print shirt can be difficult. Clashing accessories with a leopard print shirt can be easy to do. To avoid this problem, stick to plain and solid color accessories. And also never mix and match animal prints or patterns, they do not match well unless you want to look like you just went to the zoo and stole the animal's hides.

A leopard print shirt can really show off your body for the good or the bad. If you consider yourself pleasantly plump, sticking to shirts that show less skin may look better and make you feel more confident. There are plenty of plus size leopard shirts to choose from online.

If you are still unsure if a leopard print shirt style will be right for you, the best thing to do is go into a store and try some on. This way you will know if the shirt style is right for you and your body.

Leopard Print Shirt
Leopard Print Shirt


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