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Leopard Print Skirt

Updated on March 16, 2011

Stand Out Clothing

Are you in need of something to wear that will make you stand out in a crowd? Sick and tired of the plain solid colored skirts everyone wears. Then you may want to think about wearing a leopard print skirt the next time the opportunity arises.

With the renewed popularity of animal print, many designers are again using various prints on different clothing. One of the most popular animal prints the leopard is being widely used. From leopard print shoes to leopard print hats you can find virtually any accessory or clothing in this awesome print. Standing out in a crowd is easy with the wild look of animal print which makes it perfect for outgoing people.

Wearing a Leopard Prnt Skirt

If you have never worn a leopard print skirt before, there are some things that you will want to consider. For one you will draw lots of attention from both men and woman. Leopard print, while it looks good is not commonly worn, hence people will have the tendency to gaze and stare at something that they do not see often, or they will be amazed at how sexy your legs look.

A leopard print skirt may give you some extra confidence. Wearing a sleek and sexy animal print can give the wearer an increased confidence. With the increased confidence you may find yourself being more talkative and outgoing.

When wearing a leopard print skirt you will also need a top. We recommend wearing a solid color shirt or alternatively solid colored button up blouse. You may want to avoid long sleeves with a leopard print skirt.

For shoes you will want to stick to high heels or pumps when wearing a leopard print skirt. I would stick to a solid color, preferably one that is in the skirt.

Leopard print skirts will look good with almost any jewelry, but try and stick with gold or silver. I prefer gold as I think it matches the stripes in the print more.

You can purchase leopard print skirts online on sites like or eBay.

Leopard Print Skirt
Leopard Print Skirt


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