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Let’s look fresh like a billionaire

Updated on August 5, 2013

Pharrell Williams and Nigo are the founders of the Billionaire Boys Club clothing life. The clothing line includes tees, polos, sweatshirts, and suits. The items in the clothing line only has limited quantities and are usually sold for top dollar.


It all started in 2005, when Pharrell Williams and half of The Neptunes partnered with the one and only famous Japan’s fashion icon, Nigo. Nigo is also the founder of the label BAPE short for A Bathing Ape. The two partners collaborated to create and launch a new premium fashion label known as Billionaire Boys Club. Sadly, in its early stages the clothing line had a lot of obstacles to overcome between both Williams and Reebok. During this time Reebok was supposed to release their Ice Cream sneaker line alongside the Billionaire Boys Club. The sneaker line made its debut, but the clothing line was postpone then cancelled in early 2005. It took them the entire year for them to get back on track and launch the clothing line.

In summer of 2001, rumors were saying Jay-Z would be partnering with the Billionaire Boys Club clothing line. Men’s clothing magazine reported that Jay-Z had purchased a license so he can manufacture and distribute Billionaire Boys Club clothing under his own clothing label, Rocawear.

When they first started the clothing was exclusively manufactured in Japan only. However, as the years are passing they are now manufacturing in Canada, Korea, and China.

What’s New?

As the Billionaire Boys Club is progressing, they have recently expanded their brand to include Billionaire Girls Club. This is a great step forward for the clothing line because the girls’ clothes are flying off the shelves.

Pharrell and Nigo have also done a special tribute to Tokyo in their Tokyo capsule line. The iconic Billionaire Boys Club letters have been replaced with flashy TYO along with a special astronaut picture. As of right now there is no definite answer if this will be sold outside Japan.

Nigo also has his very own clothing line. IT is called the BAPE clothing brand. It is very similar to Pharrell’s, but it has its own distinctive style all rolled in one piece. If you like Billionaire Boys Club you will defiantly love Nigos BAPE style along with it. It is flashy, brilliant and worth the money for any and all pieces they are selling. Not to mention it is a little bit cheaper than Billionaire Boys Club, but none the less one will still be paying a small hefty price for their nice items.

Love Pharrell Williams’s style? You will definitely love his clothing line. Yes, it has had a rocky start, but once it got up and running it is the clothes to buy. Especially, if you are looking to look like a fresh billionaire boy or even a fresh billionaire girl style that you will absolutely love. Yes, it is quite pricey, but it is well worth the money because you cannot find this type brand anywhere else.


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