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Levis 501 Jeans

Updated on August 22, 2012

The Classic All American Jean

When Levi Strauss invented jeans in the 1800s, he invented the Levis 501s. When miners, cowboys and farmers were looking for a rugged dependable pair of pants, they found the 501s. In the 1950's teenagers sought out new clothing, and the 501s became a mainstream hit. Blue jeans came to be an American icon throughout the world. And Levi's 501s were the iconic blue jean.

Levis 501

Rugged Yet Stylish

Levis 501s didn't become incredibly popular across demographics and generations by accident. The 501s are tough, dependable jeans that are also comfortable and attractive. That's a rare combination in clothing. The 501s can be worn to work, in an office or a cornfield. They can be worn around the house or out to a club. They can be worn by a mechanic or a movie star. Levis 501 have that classic, traditional jeans look that is timeless. While other fads have come and gone, people are still wearing their 501s and will continue to do so. The reason is simple, 501s look like jeans are supposed to look, and the wear how jeans are supposed to wear.

Wardrobe Staple

Not only is the 501 versatile, it comes in dozens of colors and finishes.  For this reason its become the foundation of many a man's wardrobe.  The classic blues, along with a t-shirt are great for handling any kind of job or chore.   A color and finish like the Dark Aged goes well with more stylish clothes for going out.  And believe me, there are many people who consider the classic black Levis 501 to be dress pants.   Khaki, grey and white round out a wardrobe to go with any color shirt.   This variety of colors, along with the comfort and look of 501s are the reasons why many people continue to buy the 501s.  

Button Fly

No Zipper Just Buttons

Many first time wearers of Levis 501s are surprised to find there is no zipper. Its often their first introduction to the button fly. Many people love a button fly, but it takes some getting used to. Buttons take longer to fasten then zippers. As you get the hang of it, the difference isn't much, but at first the button fly can be a bit irritating, especially if you're in a hurry to get your pants off.

Shrink to Fit

Levis 501s have evolved over the years. People who grew up wearing them in the 70's often complain today's 501s aren't the same. They probably aren't. The trend in today's clothing is for more lightweight, thinner clothing, and it is likely that Levi's is following suit. If you're interested in a version of the 501s that is more like what you used to wear, try the shrink-to-fit style. They're made of a more heavy weight cotton and are not finished off a the factory. As you wash them they shrink, giving you control over the fit. Levis recommends you buy a larger size due to the shrinkage. Generally you'll want 1-2 more inches in the waist to start and 3-4 inches in the inseam. Shrink to fit jeans take some work and their not for everyone, but there are people who absolutely ove their shrink to fit 501s.

Where to Buy

The 501s are a perfect item for those looking to buy jeans online. Likely you already own a pair and know what size you need. If not, the sizes run true and you should have a good idea of what you want. You can sometimes find good deals in stores, but the convenience, variety of colors and selection of sizes of online sites simply can't be beat. If you buy online, always make sure the retailer has a fair returns policy. Free returns are best. This site has a good rundown of the best retailers online.


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