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Levis 550 Relaxed Fit Men's Jeans

Updated on August 22, 2012

The 550s

Levis 550 relaxed fit jeans are one of Levi's best sellers. No wonder, these jeans are comfortable, affordable and reliable, leading to a high number of repeat sellers. Once people know their size, they order this style over and over again. The 550's have a classic, all American look. Not too tight, not too baggy, good looking but not stylish. They can be worn for work, around the house or out with friends.

Levis 550

What makes it the 550?

Levis 550s have a relaxed fit, with a gently tapered leg. This results in more room and comfort in the seat and thigh yet avoids a baggy oversized look. The 550s have more denim and space above the knee compared to the classic Levis 501s. But the 550s have a slightly tapered leg resulting in less denim below the knee compared to the 501s. Levis 550s taper down to a 16.5 inch leg opening, compared to a 17.25 inch leg opening on the 501s. This results in a comfortable pair of jeans with a clean, trim look.

Classic, Not Trendy

Walk into a club with music blaring on a Friday night, and you won't find many 550s. This jean is a classic workhorse, everyday type of jean. You won't find it in 2 dozen different styles and finishes like the Levis 511 Skinny jeans. The 550s only come in a few basic colors - Light, Medium, and Dark Stonewash, as well as the classic Black and Rinsed Indigo. The reason for this is simple, customers who buy the 550s do so for its everday wearability. They don't want the latest fashion, they want the dependable pair of pants they've been wearing for years, that they know is already going to fit in with the rest of their wardrobe.

The 550s

Where to Buy Levis 550s

Levis 550s are generally stocked in local department stores, albeit in limited sizing and colors. I recommend only shopping department stores if they are having deep discounts, as their everyday prices are generally high. If you have a good idea of what size you want - and the 550s fit true-to-size, then I recommend buying jeans online, especially from a retailer that offers free shipping AND free returns. Generally you will find better prices online, and you will certainly find a deeper selection of sizes and colors. For a look at the best places to buy clothes online, check out They list some of the best online stores and break down some of the more popular styles.


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