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Lia Sophia Bracelet Jewelry Review: Gemstone, Silver&Gold Tone

Updated on January 10, 2015

Lia Sophia bracelets

Lia Sophia bracelets rest among the brand's largest jewelry pieces, only some necklaces being bigger. The gold, silver, alloys and gemstones blended in the bracelets basically produce an oversized earring: some of the designs obviously repeat earring models (not necessarily from the same set!) -- with obvious changes, of course. Bigger size leads to usually higher prices when compared to other Lia Sophia jewelry.

The distinction between alloys and gems naturally continues here, some items being made mainly from either material, others combining both in a more or less equal measure. Categories include Icon, Sidewinder, Alex, Riches, Phenomenon, Deco, Allure, and others. Stretched bracelets comprise a specialized category.


The unusual "stained glass" design that distinguished some of the earrings becomes a common motif in the bracelets. Large, rectangular stones follow each other as if they were windows; this feature bespeaks openness and love of people -- but also, windows being prone to breaking, fragility and sensitivity.

Another common design consists of thin metallic rings and rectangles, all filled with stones and linked to each other in a chain-like manner. Each small ring also alludes to a window shape -- or perhaps to an eye, eyes being the "windows" to the soul. The chain connection of equally sized rings generates a sense of harmony.


Unlike gemstone based bracelets, these appear to conceal more than reveal. The metallic ring encompassing the wrist may refer to a piece of armor; on the one hand it alludes to history, bringing to mind courteous love, knights, and romance, but, on the other, also produces a warning. Sidewinder bracelet even resembles a winding serpent somewhat, clearly referring to the moment of temptation.

Lia Sophia take a more relaxed approach in silver bracelets, linking various geometric forms in a seemingly chaotic fashion, creating an earthly, generous, and welcoming mood by a single piece of jewelry.


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