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Lia Sophia Catalog Jewelry Complete Guide-Review

Updated on January 5, 2015

Lia Sophia

Lia Sophia is one of the most popular affordable jewelry brands currently operating in United States. The company distributes its products by marketing them to small private vendors, usually women, who then host jewelry parties to sell the jewelry to clients. Lia Sophia owes its renown to this entrepreneurial business model in equal measure as to the quality and beauty of its jewelry.


Lia Sophia make earrings, rings, necklaces, slides, bracelets, pendants, and sets (which combine several of the former items). These are usually sold separately, eBay sometimes listing up to a thousand items from each category. Some jewelry employs strictly metal (gold, silver, alloys), other is gemmed – with semi-precious stones or Swarowski crystals.


The brand employs an array of semi-precious stones and materials, depending on vogue and fashion trends. Each catalog (issued annually) usually focuses on several kinds of gems, which are often unified by a common theme. This is only a partial list of stones and materials that Lia Sophia habitually set into their jewelry: abalone, jade, tiger's eye, jasper, aventurine, resin beads, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, onyx, tanzanite, and others. Metals include gold, silver and unspecified alloys.


Several characteristics reappear in all LS jewelry that indicate a certain style.

Multi-layered design and ornamental repetition, usually of a shape within a shape, is a strong motif. For instance, a gem can be set on a plate of metal that repeats the stone's form, all encompassed by an additional metal ring. This type of design creates tension and intriguing complexity.

Extendibility: freedom of change and flexibility is another important feature that allows owners to modify and sometimes notably reshape their items. The brand doesn't monopolize creativity, encouraging customers to experiment.

Elegant Clarity: the materials are given enough space to project transparent order and clear aesthetic organization. This principle bridles the multi-layered factor by introducing an outline that essentially guides the layers and distributes them in a visually appealing fashion.

Karmic Stream: The above three principles combine to produce a sense of cyclic continuity – the way the stones and the metal follow each other, intertwine and interact, evokes a notion of reciprocity that we all seek in our lives. This quality also endows Lia Sophia products with warmth, a feeling that is not easy to express in jewelry.


  • Rings branch into two main design directions: metal based and gemstone based. The former kind offers rings that highlight the natural beauty of the precious metal, often casting it in sophisticated shapes – braid-like, or knot-like for instance. Sometimes these rings will incorporate very small gems or crystals, usually on the rims, to compliment the metal and bring out its lustre. Gemstone rings either boast one large jewel that occupies the center, or several smaller stones arranged in intricate configurations.

  • Earrings contain an even larger assortment of styles and designs – from very basic to highly complex, multi-tiered models. Many earrings form a part of a set that also comprises a ring and a necklace, or another piece of jewelry. Models can consist of a single crystal hanging on a wire, of a cluster of smaller gems, a stone encircled by a metal ring, or any combination of these three designs.

  • Bracelets employ metal and gems in artistic ways, creating a wide range of jewelry in classic, oriental, urban, casual, dressy, and other styles – clearly taking advantage of the relatively broad space provided by this template. As the rings, bracelets can be either strictly metallic or gem based, leading to principally different designs. The latter tend to display more earthly warmth, while the former show more formal, high fashion flair.

  • Necklaces are by far the largest Lia Sophia product category, with up to two thousand daily eBay listings offering items of all kinds, shapes, and forms. The company gave the necklaces (and other jewelry) names: Fantasia, Temptress, Blue Lagoon, Picante, Escapade, Kiss'n Tell, Plush, Misty Rose – essentially creating categories that make shopping easier. Gems usually play a prominent role, providing volume and character.

  • Pendants in effect constitute a subsection of necklaces: a concise, single-piece jewelry that nevertheless exhibits geometrical complexity and may incorporate numerous crystals. The relative simplicity of the overall design becomes an advantage for ladies seeking something straightforward yet expressive.

  • Slides encourage creativity by the merit of their nature, prompting owners to experiment – use a slide as a brooch, a pendant, even an earring; combine it with a pin to decorate any piece of clothing or fashion accessory, starting from a handbag and ending with a hat.

  • Sets usually comprise three kinds of products: a pair of earrings, a bracelet and a necklace – an item for a respective part of the body. While sets are usually more expensive, they give the benefit of aesthetic unity and forethought, and can be very effective in leaving a compound impression.

  • Gemstones&Materials (Jade, Jasper, Abalone, Turquoise): Lia Sophia rely on gems as their primary decorative material, so I would like to examine the brand's products strictly from this perspective as well. According to gemological lore, these semi-precious stones are known to endow the wearers with various characteristics... what are they?

  • Gold&Silver: the strictly “metallic” segment of Lia Sophia jewelry is also worth a separate examination, as it accommodates notable differences (and stylistic modulations) women often want their collections to have to one degree or another.


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