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Lia Sophia Gemstone, Silver, Gold Necklace Jewelry Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Lia Sophia Necklaces

Lia Sophia maintain the spirit of variety and change in their necklaces. But, there's a notable difference in attitude from other jewelry the brand manufactures: it lies in the extra space left for individual creativity in wearing, especially in the longest pieces that can be winded in double or triple coils around the neck. Consider that a necklace, when worn, can be shifted to display a different view, and we have the most flexible, exciting -- and commanding -- piece of jewelry.

Categories (listed on eBay and still in production) include Love Dust, Visage, Marquesa, Banana Cream, Everglade, Night Oasis, Blue Skies, River Shell, Sugar Plum, Roasted, Toasted, and many others. The bracelets can be divided into two segments: pendant based and even.

Pendat Based

These necklaces include a pendant, or a pendant resembling part in one way or another. There's a clear center of gravity, usually consisting of one or several gemstones combined in various ways -- this center also determines to a considerable degree how the necklace should be worn. This sort of jewelry is usually very elaborate, and can be heavy.

A more simple variety combines a chain with a pendant in such a way as to upgrade the piece to a necklace. The dangling item can be a large stone, a metallic ornamented piece, or even a silver heart.


Lia Sophia offer an alternative to the elaborate jewelry described above in more even "Style to Go" casual necklaces. Here every part is more or less equal in size to the other; metallic necklaces can consist of a simple strand, gemstone ones usually contain several alternating stones. A more relaxed, loose approach suitable for everyday or informal occasions. Materials employed include jasper, jade, abalone, crystals, and others -- sometimes several appearing in one piece.

It's the above mentioned models, however, that anticipate a separate jewelry category -- Lia Sophia pendants.


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