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Lia Sophia Gold, Silver, Crystals Earrings Jewelry Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Lia Sophia Earrings

Lia Sophia earrings display an exceptional variety of designs, the brand taking full advantage of the space that these hanging pieces of jewelry occupy in mid-air. The selection includes unusually elongated, wide and generally elaborate models besides compact and basic ones, seeking to appeal to every taste, as well as to every wallet.

The metal and gems separation evident in the rings continues in this department, but to a lesser degree. The earrings exhibit more adventurousness, both in geometrical modeling of strictly gold and silver jewelry and in combining stones with the metal.

As a result, they can be categorized into three general trends: metal, metal&gems, and gems oriented. Lia Sophia gave titles to the lines to make selection and recognition easier: Reflection, Buena Vista, Maestro, Pacific, Caleigh, and others. Let's take a closer look.


Gemed earrings usually follow a traditional design principle of parking one big stone at the center of the piece, and bordering it with much smaller crystals, the entire configuration set on a metallic frame. It's a familiar and accurate aesthetic that will always have its fans and applications, and rightfully so.

Gems and Metal

These are among the most daring jewelry items that can dangle from a woman's earlobe. The most common design consists of a large gem encircled by a ring of gold, silver, or alloy – sometimes by two or three rings – resulting in a somewhat mystical appearance. My favorite design, however, is the more compact one, where the stones are arranged as if in a stained glass.

Gold&Silver Tone

Surprisingly, many strictly metallic designs display refreshing ornamental adventurousness, avoiding the formality that usually comes with using exclusively one kind of material. But, acknowledging the preference many women have towards formal&dressy earrings, Lia Sophia take steps to fill both niches – making selection and shopping more difficult – and more fun.


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