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Lia Sophia Gold and Silver Jewelry Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Precious Metals

Lia Sophia offering of gold and silver jewelry fills in the important precious metal niche. Gemstones are not to everyone's taste -- many women prefer traditional materials instead; others like to combine and create a wide scoped collection that includes both. Either way, it's undeniable that gold and silver jewelry will always be popular and valued, simply because these metals are the basis of our money supply. In fact, many cultures consider gold jewelry a kind of long term (heirloom) investment.

The basic qualities of gold are: characteristic yellow, rose (pink) or white color, and a rich sheen that can become more or less bright, depending on the alloy. Silver is less shiny, and exhibits a more of an earthly, darker luster.


Some models tend to be rather basic in design, usually a simple oval or circle, with some minor ornamental additions. Others add on metal, as well as complimenting stones, for instance amber beads or crystals. Silver earrings employ ornament and geometrical motifs more readily.


Also demonstrate a broad range of designs, from a simple chain to an elaborate bedecked jewelry. Strictly metallic necklaces tend to be more austere -- or perhaps "traditional" is a more accurate description -- and especially suitable for formal occasions. Some necklaces combine gold and silver tone alloys.


Made of gold and silver are usually thinner than their gemstone counterparts, and usually rely on traditional designs, some of them revealing surprising "royal" characteristics. Can be the safest choice for a gift.


Some designs take risks more readily than others. Those that don't, essentially become brooches modeled in a familiar traditional oval form, arabesques covering the inside and the borders of the pieces. The riskier pieces evince a more modern approach by encompassing abstract subjects within the small space of the pendant. This tendency proves that Lia Sophia consistently strive to enrich their jewelry by fresh themes.


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