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Lia Sophia Jewelry Gemstones, Pearls and Crystals Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Stones, Pearls

Lia Sophia employ an assortment of earth and sea derived materials in their jewelry, some of which relies solely on gemstones; another important addition is the crystals. There are many advantages to semi-precious materials. They are much more affordable than diamonds or other precious stones, they have their own character, and, because no gem is like the other, carry a unique original flavor.

The use of natural stones also opens the exciting vista of lore and gemology. Many cultures traditionally assign various traits and values to gems, essentially rendering jewelry that incorporates them as amulets, or charms. Shopping takes on a mystical&magical angle that many ladies will enjoy researching. Let's take a look at some basic visual properties:

  • Abalone is a kind of seashell and a cousin of the more familiar mother-of-pearl. Abalone coloring varies from very dark (nearly black) to very light, almost rainbow-like (blue, orange). This material shows little glitter; its appeal lies in its richness of color.

  • Mother-of-pearl is a more luxurious sea product. This material found its way into many industries besides jewelry -- watches and buttons to mention just two -- and flowers with light milky whites, pinks and blues.

  • Jade is mined from the ground, possesses a range of green to blue tones, and can be translucent. Jade often displays a characteristically even color. This stone has been used in jewelry for thousands of years -- for instance, in ancient Egypt.

  • Jasper is, in a way, the abalone of the ground. Usually found in mountainous areas, its broad patterns can mesmerize observers and paint uncanny naturalistic scenes. Jade, however, can also be very even in coloring; it's visual versatility makes it one of the most popular semi-precious stones in jewelry making.

  • The brightly blue to green turquoise easily evokes summer and sunlight -- it's an unabashedly optimistic stone that almost seems to enjoy being lively. Among its features is the surprisingly coarse surface of the stones.


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