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Lia Sophia Jewelry Ring Review: Gold, Silver, Gemstone

Updated on January 10, 2015

Lia Sophia Rings

Lia Sophia rings encompass a variety of jewelry styles and designs, from austere to elaborate – employing an assortment of metals, alloys and gemstones. The rings come in different sizes and are meant to fit and be worn on any finger.

During the last few years the company introduced several catalogs, some of them very different in approach. In order to categorize these products, including the rings, the designers gave each line a name. Today Lia Sophia connoiseurs recognize their favorite pieces according to those names: Tempest, Escapade, Ocean, Espresso, Flambe, Desire, Kindred are some of the more familiar ones.

Though most rings combine metal and stones in one way or another, usually either of these materials dominates each item. Let's examine the results more closely.


Gem based rings are the more festive and expressive pieces, a quality that makes them a natural choice for ladies who want their jewelry to reflect their individuality. Semi-precious stones decorating the jewelry include the familiar jasper, turquoise and crystals, but also, among others, the rarer zircon and peridot; mother-of-pearl and enamel (usually black) add textural and visual diversity.

Because many world traditions deem gems as sources of physical or emotional comfort, gemstone rings can also be used as charms or amulets.


Gold and silver rings display a character notably different from the gemmed pieces: more dressy than casual, more urban than nature oriented. The exclusive use of metal results in clear unity of design – a desired feature unless it becomes too oppressive – personal taste being, of course, the best arbiter in deciding if it has.

Some of the rings demonstrate intricate geometrical ornament, exposing subtleties that only precious metals can get away with. Yet, as in the gemstone segment, there is also a line of minimalistic, simple designs aimed to project just that: minimalism and simplicity.


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