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Lia Sophia Jewelry Slides Review: Gems, Silver, Gold Tone, Costume

Updated on January 10, 2015

Lia Sophia Slides

Lia Sophia slides department brings the principle of creativity, which the company espouses in most of its jewelry, to a logical conclusion. Slides literally "slide" -- they can be used as pendants, large earrings (producing refreshing asymmetry with the other ear), brooches, or simply decorative pieces fit to appear on almost any ladies' accessory. It's not unusual to find slides glittering on a handbag, or even high boots (to pull the zipper or simply hang there).

The owner of a slide will often have to make creative decisions -- essentially taking the role of a fashion advisor/specialist -- in assigning the piece any of these roles. Slides need a pin, a chain, a line, or another aid to attach themselves to "home base;" Lia Sophia slides are either gemstone&crystal or metal based, as is most of its jewelry.


Slides employ a variety of materials: cat eye, jade, mother-of-pearl, abalone, pearls, and others. Categories include Blackberry, Chameleon, Into the Sunset, Cyrano, Granada, Shellbourne, Waterworld, Bordeaux, Scoop, and more -- all these offering traditional, antique, modern and urban designs.

Geometrical motifs play an important role, many of the pieces displaying intricate modeling of the gemstone (tear shaped, oval, rectangular, asymmetrical), supported by metallic bordering or fundament.


Metal slides usually carry an ornament, be it botanical, arabesque, torsade, geometrical, or other. Sometimes the designers leave a part of the piece completely smooth, creating an interesting tension between the decorated and clear sides (in gemstone category the pieces can be simply reversed).

The main difference from the gem based items lies in the number (and importance) of openings, or apertures, that allow the jewelry to "breathe" -- contributing to a lacy, delicate appearance. In other words, if the former category is inspired by the elements of earth and water, this one is derived from air -- becoming Lia Sophia's lightest and, in many ways, most graceful kind of jewelry.


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