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Lia Sophia Pendants and Charms Jewelry Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Lia Sophia Charms&Pendants

Lia Sophia pendants form a relatively small category that nevertheless upholds the brand's two most important characteristics: consistent combination of alloys with gems and inclusion of pieces of varying designs and attitudes. The pendants can be basically divided into traditional and non-traditional (more experimental) types. The former usually consists of a large stone, or a cluster of stones, arranged in a familiar geometric shape. The latter, however, deviates from this norm, and offers a more surprising design that you may also find in Lia Sophia earrings -- a small, three-tiered open-ended chain dangling loose from the pin.

A pendant can be easily removed from its supporting chain or line, and the brand surreptitiously encourages play -- it being a first step in starting collecting and individual experimentation (for instance, by threading several pendants to create a necklace).


Since most gem pendants feature only one large stone, these pieces naturally predispose themselves to various magical and mystical uses. Here gem lore and gemology come into full force, adding another layer of meaning to the jewelry.

The stones can be arranged in round, rectangular, and various oval shapes, usually bounded by metal. The more interesting models include compartments within the pendant, sometimes creating intricate spiral-like forms that can be filled with another kind of gem.


Ranging from a simple flower to more complex ornamented arabesque inspired variations, metal pendants will appeal to ladies with a taste for expression of harmony. Though gems can be arranged to express this elusive sensation, the reliance on one material only, the effortlessly recognizable silver or gold, results in natural harmony: we perceive it immediately, and it influences the ambiance just as quickly. Simplicity can be powerful in a way no complication ever will be.

But there's still careful planning and design involved -- Lia Sophia employ a set of aesthetic techniques to achieve this effect, symmetry being the most effective.


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