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Lifestyle Lift Face Lift Alternative

Updated on June 18, 2010

Lifestyle Lift As Seen On TV

I work from home, which has its ups and downs. From the 8am block to the 9:30/10am block, depending on the day, I end up turning on the Food Network to watch the infomercials since there is only so much West Wing I can take on Bravo and nothing else is on. One 30 minute infomercial that has come on and seems like it is somewhat new is the Lifestyle Lift Face Lift Alternative. Lifestyle Lift Facelifts are a nice change from the Meaningful Beauty show with Cindy Crawford and although I love Cindy and think that Meaningful Beauty is a great product and skin care line, Lifestyle Lift is a very cool show. Here is what I get about Lifestyle Lift.

Lifestyle Lift is for men and women. Although most of the testimonials are from women, they do mix in a couple of guys, you just have to get about half way through the show for the first one. To me, Lifestyle Lift is a facelift alternative. They talk about it being non or at least a little bit less invasive than traditional methods for reducing the effects of gravity on your lower face and neck. The thing that I really like that they address in the show is that they don't neccesarily have to put you to sleep to perform this procedure.

One thing that many people fear when they want plastic surgery is being put under. There are so many rumors and urban legends about people not waking up, dying, etc... that having to be put under can be the deal breaker between getting face work done. That one statement alone with all of the great testimonials could easily be what turns the Lifestyle Lift into a great alternative or at least add it into people's facelift alternatives when they are looking for this type of procedure. There was one other thing that made this show stand out even more than others though, 

The hostess of the show ended up going through the procedure.  They show her in the "tranquility room" before she went to have the procedure done and she went over her problem areas with close up shots.  To be honest, it may be the cameras on her during the show, but she did look a lot younger and the wrinkles and sagging skin seemed to have gone away a bit.  Then again they would not have asked her to host the show or share that segment of the infomercial if the results were not there.  I thought that this was a very unique way to show how the procedure works and it really stood out to me as opposed to other shows where the hostess or host doesn't always show themselves going through it. 

Although I have absolutely no need for a Lifestyle Lift right now (crosses fingers), this infomercial stood out to me for those reasons. They talk about it being affordable, less or non invasive and no being put under. I am curious though to see if anyone has had one of these done. If you have, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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