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Lifestyle Trends around the Globe

Updated on August 14, 2014

Lifestyle Trends

 With advancement in technology each day new development and changes occur in the lifestyle of people. In previous eras changes in lifestyle occured after years but today it is much fast. To track changes has become much dificult. Minor changes come and go and sometimes it is difficult to even get aware of them but there are certain major changes that have been brought about by the recession and technology-war in recent years. These include the following trends.

Trends of the decade

country life
country life
values matter
values matter | Source
act before hand
act before hand | Source
sleek technology
sleek technology | Source
peace is the way to be happy
peace is the way to be happy
be yourself and stand taller
be yourself and stand taller | Source
revive nature-revive yourself
revive nature-revive yourself | Source
say no to junkfood
say no to junkfood | Source
go green feel the sheen
go green feel the sheen | Source

Lifestyle Trends of Current Decade


Home pursuits and country life:

A shift towards home pursuits and country life has been seen in recent years. This trend has aroused interest in gardening, home-based-employments, e-shopping, and online freelance jobs. People want to have more time to relax with family and stay away from the hustle and bustle of outside. Many new companies have been opened that are offering online jobs by looking at the opportunity.   

Return to values:

Latest trends in fashion, food and in interior are leading back consumers to nature and values. The values that have been lost somewhere in the process of urbanization and modernization are returning slowly.

Quality in every facet of life:

To enhance the standard of living and to have a qualitative life people strive to have quality in every possible manner.  

Proactive approach to life:

In every field of life from consumers to manufacturers the trend to adopt proactive approach is gaining importance. People want to act in advance for any expected difficulty. They want to have a strategy which includes forecasting for future and making plan for it in advance. Market personals design innovative products before the problem has arisen and consumers want to become risk free too.  

Small is all:

Small is getting in fashion in two ways. First, due to recession people do not go for elaborate interiors, clothing and other form of fashion. Second, smart, sleek and stylish furniture, gadgets and fashion accessories have become quite a vogue. Technology is becoming enough small that one can carry it anywhere.

Peace! Stay away from troubles:

As too much trouble is already around every human being; people want to stay away from trouble by minding their own business. Peace conferences and other such seminars are constantly held in every city and country. Modern art is also very much inspired from peace movement.  

Be yourself:

Individuality is in much greater demand then conformity. Fashion has seen that even globalization cannot bring oneness; there are so many trends in fashion at the same time. Street fashion has gained so much importance that previously people looked for fashion forecast to adopt fashion today forecasting companies are watching street fashion to forecast for the coming years and seasons.

Wireless technology:

Technology has become smart, sleek, portable and interactive. People today prefer to have gadgets that have multiple uses and are smart enough to carry in pockets.


People are returning towards nature. In the coming years the impact of nature on fashion, food and other aspects of lifestyle will increase manifold. This trend gained prominence after 9/11 when terrorism went on extreme. Along with terrorism the development in technology worldwide caused harm to the environment. As a result a revival in natural life has been seen.

A natural color scheme in clothing, interior designing, and automobiles is seen in new trend reports. The designs too are more inspired from natural themes.

Junk food to say no to junk food:

During previous decades junk food mania went on its peak and then with increased awareness the trend for eating junk food has been decreased and will decrease with time. Today people want to eat less but prefer to eat healthy. Latest researches have proved that the risk factor of many of the un-treatable diseases increase with the use of junk food. A trend towards eating super-food that is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins have been increased.

People who still are more into eating junk food say that they eat junk food because of the convenience but they know the risk that is involved with eating junk food like obesity, heart diseases, cancer, GIT diseases and so on.

Go green:

To save the ecology from further destruction every human being is putting its effort though we know that the wide use of technology, emission from industries, bomb blasts, use of nuclear weapons and synthetic route that we have followed for so many years have destroyed our earth and can never be restored to its original state but still people are motivated to protect earth by going green.

Being ‘green’ has become highly adoptable by people everywhere, from retail stores to consumers to corporations and marketers too. Every ecology conscious human being is ready to adopt it.




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    • gulnazahmad profile image

      gulnazahmad 6 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks Tonipet, I hope my article is useful to you.

    • profile image

      Tonipet 6 years ago

      A very nice approach... with today's lifestyle it truly is worth looking back. Thank you for the beautiful thoughts. You're an inspiration to everyone. Keep up!